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When Edward was human his last name was Mason

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What is Edwards last name in the Twilight Series?

Edward Cullen Edward Cullen Edward Cullen

What was the name of the unfinished book of The Twilight Saga?

Midnight sun - Twilight from Edwards perspective

What was the original name for twilight?

The original name was going to be Forks.

What is Edwards real name but not in twilight?

If you mean the actor, his name is Robert Pattinson

Who was Edwards father?

If you mean in Twilight, his fathers name was Edward too.

What are Edwards brothers name in twilight?

Emmett Cullen, and Jasper Hale

What is Jon and Edwards x factor second name?

John & Edwards last name is Grimes.

What Edwards whole name in twilight?

His full name is Edward Cullen im not sure of his middle name

What is Paul's last name in Twilight?

According to the Twilight saga official guide, his last name is Lahote

What is Edwards human name in twilight?

Edward full human name was :Edward Anthony Masen

Where does the last name Edwards originate from?

The last name originated in England and Wales.

What is James' last name in twilight?

James from Twilight does not have a last name. Vampires rarely have last names, and usually go by their coven name.

What was Edwards parents name as a human in twilight?

His father's name is Edward Masen and his mother is Elizabeth Masen.

What is last name of Bella's baby?

The last name of Bella and Edwards baby is Cullen

What is tyler's last name from Twilight?

tyler's last name is crowley

What is Jared's last name in twilight?

Jared's last name is Cameron.

What is James last name is Twilight?

i believe his last name is SUTHERLAND

What is Emily's last name in twilight?

Emily's last name is Young.

What is phils last name from twilight?

Phil's last name is Dwyer.

In twilight what is Edwards full name?

Edward Cullen. :) Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. :) :)

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