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An extremely personal style in painting, like El Greco's, is called mannerist.

Elongated figures

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Q: What was El Greco's style of painting?
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What does El Grecos painting style represent?

El Greco's painting style placed an emphasis imagination. He was uninterested in classicist standards such as proportion, and focused more so on simple intuition.

Which of the following is an aesthetic question you could ask about El Grecos The Burial of Count Orgaz?

Options are: Does the painting have to tell a story to be considered art? How did El Greco use color and value in this painting? Where is pattern most prominent in this painting?

What was El Greco's last painting?

El Grecos last painting was the picture of a penguin on a beach drinking a bud light. The penguin was wearing a pink dress and eating a slamander dippied in soy sauce

Who was El Grecos wife?

He was not married. His housekeeper was the mother of his son.

What painting style did cubism create?

Cubism IS a painting style.

What is Paul Cezannes style of painting?

Paul Cezanne's style of painting is : modern style

What is the name for elephants style of painting?

What is the name for the elephants style of painting

What is the style of abstract Monet used?

His painting style was Impressionism. That is not abstract painting.

What is the style for the painting Starry Night?

The style the painting is placed in by art historians is Post-Impressionism. The style of painting itself is highly tactile and very graphic.

What is Chuck Close's style of painting?

His style of painting is hyper-realism and photo-realism

What important painting style did Monet invent?

Monet was a founding father of the painting style Impressionism.

What style of painting did pablo Picasso?

He did abstract painting.

Which style of painting was not affected by mughal painting?


What is Larry rivers painting style?

Larry Rivers painting style was Pop Art. He started painting in 1945 at the age of 22. In addition to painting, he also did sculptures.

What style of painting is Picasso's Guernica?

It is a style of its own.

What was caravaggio's style of painting?

He worked in the Baroque style.

What was the style of Vincent Van Gogh's style for painting?


Did Matisse have basically one major style throughout his painting career?

No, Matisse's style varied throughout his painting career.

What is a style of painting popularized by Monet and Renoir?

The style of painting popularized by Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir was impressionism.

What is the painting style of M.F. Hussain?

he did cubist and unconventional painting

What is the elephant style of painting?


Is oil a painting style?


What is imprreessionism?

Impressionism is a style of painting.

What is the style of Cubism Monet use?

His painting style was Impressionism. That is not Cubism.

What types of art were developed during the song dynasty?

shan shui style of painting, zaju style of painting, and many more.