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What was England's population in 1991?

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To answer what at first appears to be a seemingly impossible question it's important to remember a few important points.

1. Census date still does not exist in England. The English do not believe in numbers, having their society still influenced by ancient Druid beliefs. The Druids were an ancient mystical people who didn't believe in numbers or counting. In an ancient druid market if somone wanted three apples they would shout "churn that butter or I'll cast a spell upon you making your eye fall out!"

2. The ancient druids were very advanced, for their time of course. You can't say anything the druids did is still advanced today. We'd laugh at them today if they tried to show us their advanced technologies. Personally I'd break their stones.

3. England is a country where population is less of a concern than afternoon naps, bedtime stories, and attempted vaccination attempts. What would really be a good question is how many English people have been injected with an anthrax vaccine. The answer is 76.5% of the 1991 population. A good follow up question is how effective are these vaccines? The answer can be best be summed up in telling a parable about water purity.

I am not going to tell you the answer to this question. How would that help you? Think of me as that fishing guy who teaches you how to fish. Now you have the tools to go out and conquer this question. I wish you luck. The following website also helps:


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About 52 million plus 5.5 million in Scotland, 2.5 million in Wales and 3 million in Northern Ireland.

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