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He had been banished from Iceland, and was looking for a new place to settle.

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Q: What was Erik the red trying to accomplish?
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Is Erik the red a viking?

Erik the Red was a viking

Where was Erik the Red born?

Erik the Red was born in the Jæren district of Rogaland in Norway.

Was Erik the red in the navy or army?

Erik the Red was a viking

Did Erik the red discover Greenland?

Erik the Red discovered Greenland

When did Erik the red explore?

Erik the Red explored the island of Greenland.

Who sponsored the voyage of Erik the red?

Erik the Red was sponserd by no one.

Who was the daughter of Erik the red?

Erik the Red had no daughters but three sons

What is the US trying to accomplish in Iraq and did they accomplish this?

Trying to make it a better life.

Did Erik the red or leif ericson get banished?

Erik the Red was banished from Iceland.

Why is Erik the Red named Erik the red?

because his beard was a reddish color

What was the KKK trying to accomplish from how did KKK impact the us?

they were trying to accomplish many things

When did Erik the red discover Greenland?

Erik the red discovered Greenland in the year 982.

What did Erik the red die from?

Erik Thorvaldsson - better known as Erik the Red- died from a disease epidemic brought to the new colony by settlers.

Was Erik the red a viking?

Yes Erik the red was a viking along with his son Leif Eriksson

Who was Leif Ericsson's Father?

Erik the Red/Erik Thorvaldsson

How is Eric the red spelled?

Erik the Red.

What were the british trying to accomplish?


Who was Erik the Red?

Erik the Red was a Viking. He explored Greenland and the west of Iceland. His sons were: Freydis, Thorvald, Thorstein, and Lief Eriksson. The wives of this red man were Thorhild and Thorbjarga. Erik the Red was the most amazingly talented viking.

Did Erik the red have a funeral?


What was Erik the red impact on the society?

Erik red also liked to drees up like a pony princess!

What made Erik the red so famous?

Erik the red was famous because he found the first settlement in Greenland

Who found Greenland?

Erik the Red Eric the Red

What did Erik the Red look like?

He had red hair.

What was Henry Hudson trying to accomplish?

He was trying to be the only one to find a shortcut from Europe to the far East... But he did not accomplish this :( to bad......

What was the voyage of Eric the red?

To America--------------No, Erik the Red founded a viking colony in Greenland. It was Leif Eriksson (son of Erik the Red) who discovered America.