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== == It was a Roman Province - Gallia Transalpina. before that, it was a land mass occupied by multiple tribes - a bit like the USA in fact. Think of the Romans as the British and you have the history. Mind you, the British had their hand in the matter; in the medieval period more than half of the territory of France was at one time or another under English rule. It was this, in fact, which with the help of Joan of Arc gave rise to the felling of Frenchness which built the modern nation. So, to sum up: France was: a region occupied sparsely by Celts a tribal free-for-all occupied by the Gauls (500 BC) a Roman province full of Gallo-Romans (55 BC) a devastated area overrun by Goths, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Huns, Vandals and other trash. (400 AD) an area half overrun by the Franks (500 AD) the Kingdom of the Franks (600 AD) Part of the Empire of Charlemagne (800) a small area ruled by the King of France (1000) a large area ruled by the King of France (1450) A larger area, ditto (1700) A larger republic (1792) An even larger Empire (1805) A slightly smaller Kingdom (1815) A Republic again, an Empire again (1848, 1852) Finally, a somewhat smaller Republic (1870) A Republic (1918) and now - France.

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Q: What was France before it was a country?
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