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There's a really good audio tape on this called "No Ordinary Time, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt The Home Front in World War II. You can probably find it at the library or on Ebay.

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Q: What was Franklin Roosevelt's role in World War 2?
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What was Franklin D Roosevelts role in world war 2?

He was the US President .

What was Franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before Pearl Harbor?

What was Franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before pearl harbor? In: World War 2

What were Franklin Roosevelts expected outcomes of World War 2?

He expected victory.

What were some of Franklin Delano Roosevelts goals during World War 2?

He wanted to win the war.

What was Franklin Roosevelts position on world war 12 before pearl harbor?


What are Franklin Delano Roosevelts Achievements?

wining world war 2 and pulling us out of the great depression becoming preseident

Who was the president of America in World War 2?

Franklin D Roosevelt And in the final days, following Roosevelts death, Harry Truman.Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman

What did Franklin Roosevelt accomplish during his third term?

During Franklin Roosevelts third term the United States joined World War 2 after the Japenese attacked Pearl Harbor.

What role did Franklin D. Roosevelt have in world war 1?

Secretery of the Navy.

What role did Franklin D Roosevelt play in World War 2?

He was the president of the United States

What role did Franklin D. Roosevelt have in World War 2?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the United States during WWII.

Franklin D. Roosevelt accomplishments?

what is Franklin d. roosevelts accomplishment *Franklin D Roosevelt brought the Americans out of Depression, sending troops to fight in ww2 after Pearl Harbor *He led them tovictory in world war 2 * He was elected President in November 1932

What role did Franklin roosevelt have during world war 2?

President and Commander and Chief of Armed Forces

What were some foreign affairs during Franklin Roosevelts terms?

The major foreign affair in FDR's administration was the World War II- both keeping the US out of it , getting into it and fighting it once we were in it.

What role did Franklin D Rooseevelt play in world war 2?

He was the US Commander in Chief until his death.

What was Presidents Roosevelts relationship with Joseph Stalin?

they were allies in world war 2

What was Franklin d roosevelts goal during world war 2?

Roosevelt officially joined WWII in retaliation to the Pearl Harbour bombing, he aligned America with the English and worked to stop Japan and Germany.

What role did Franklin D. Roosevelt play?

He led most of World War 2. Then Truman took over when he died.

What was franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before pearl harbor-?

His position was to be supportive of the allies. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt found ways to help Britain and France militarily when World War II started in 1939. He kept in regular contact with Winston Churchill.

Role that Sarah Franklin Bache played in the Revolutionary War?


Did Roosevelts' new deal lift the US out of the Great Depression?

No, World War II did.

How was Franklin Roosevelt part of World War I an World War 2?

Franklin Roosevelt wasn't part of world war 1. he became part of world war 2 when japan attacked the nation. he then signed a declaration of war against japan.

Who are the two Roosevelts?

The two "Roosevelts" were Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, two American presidents. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President, most notable for his contribution to the Progressive Era of trust-busting, conservation, and neo-imperialism (for example the Roosevelt Corollary and the Panama Canal). Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President, most notable for his New Deal plan against the Great Depression and leadership during World War II. Theodore and Franklin were fifth cousins.

What role did Benjamin Franklin play in the Revolutionary War?

he was a military leader and a comander

What was an important event that happened during Roosevelts Presidency?

World War 1 and the first gasoline cars and the spanish American war. World War 1 and the first gasoline cars and the spanish American war.