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Douglas MacArthur was one of the most popular and accomplished U.S. military leaders of the 20th century, known primarily for commanding Allied forces in the southwest Pacific during World War II. MacArthur graduated first in his class from West Point Academy (1903) and a few months later was sent to the Philippines, where he worked as an aide to his father, General Arthur MacArthur, Jr. After an illustrious career in World War I, Douglas served in the Philippines as major general (1922-25), commanded the Department of the Philippines (1928-30) and served in the U.S. as chief of staff of the Army (1930-35). In 1935 he was again sent to the Philippines to organize defenses in preparation for their independence. In 1937 he retired from the Army rather than leave his Philippine project uncompleted, but he was recalled to active duty when it became clear that war with Japan was imminent (1941). Overrun by Japanese forces at Bataan, MacArthur was ordered by President Franklin Roosevelt to withdraw to Australia. Before MacArthur and his family escaped, he made the famous vow, "I shall return." In 1942 he was made the supreme commander of Allied forces in the southwest Pacific and by 1945 had liberated the Philippines on the way to invading Japan. MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945, then led the occupation forces in the reconstruction of Japan

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Q: What was General Douglas MacArthur's connection to the Philippines both before and after the attack on Pearl Harbor and what is his famous quote concerning the area?
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General Douglas MacArthur Was the Field Marshal for the Philippines.

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