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He was toying with creation in such a way that he felt would best suit the needs of future life.

AnswerGod has always been. Another thing to think about. The Bible is all truth but it doesn't mention many things. Like, have you ever thought that maybe we are just a side project and that there are other universes out there. Even science says there are. God had to spend his time doing something. AnswerGod has no before or after He just IS. He is not bound by time or space. He created time and space for his own pleasure. He is the Creator from which all that was created, including time, came to be.

So question like when and where just don't apply to God, except when he is directly affecting our universe.

An interesting thing to think about is that God can see our entire existence at one glance from beginning to end. He knows what will happen. He is never caught off guard.


The above answer is the nearest answer to the question. We have to ask what was He planning. He was creating or organising the earth spiritually before it was created or organized physically. All things were spiritual before they became physical.

AnswerHow could anyone answer a question that we don't have the answer too? Some will get to ask Him when they see him, the rest won't. AnswerBored. That's why He created heavens, earth, and living being to toy with.. AnswerGod didn't know he created earth until a while after everything was created. God got together with all the kings and queens and they did experiments with creating stuff such as temples, statues, and cities. God realized he was the best creator of the kings and queens and they realized he was better in a way so they proclaimed him the first true king. God then made it a fact that he was the better man and told the world in the bible.


God was sitting in heaven with all the angels being worshipped before he created earth.He created all the angels to love him and rejoice to him.That wasnt enough for god.He wanted something to love him on its free will.So he came up with creating man and giving him the ability of free will and feelings(SOUL).Man needed a home so he created earth.God always has a plan.


One can only reason that God was busy planning, organizing and coordinating the creation of all the creatures :Man, Animals,materials both for the earth and other planets. More reasonably, no one can know his beginning and the end since none of us also can know our birth and death. He is the MASTER PLANNER, The Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the END.

We do not have a record of all of the activities of God Amighty prior to the creation of earth and humankind. However, we do know the Bible tells of a great war in heaven between God and Lucifer, a chief archangel. One third of the angels followed Lucifer, and were cast out of heaven, along with Lucifer, who is now commonly known as, Satan (adversary). This account is found in the Book off Revelation. The Book of Isaiah records the reasons for Lucifer's fall: pride and an assertion in his heart to become like God and take God's position of rule and glory.

And finally the real answer you seek brother or sister

its a fair question to ask what was our Father doing before he created all of this we see. An he does provide answers to that question in the text of his letter to us. The problem is, Most people are lazy and don't read his letter. All of the answers above are based on lack of understanding because those folks simply don't study our fathers word. This is what Christ spoke of when he told you "Many will come in my name claiming to be christian and deceive many (Mark 13)"

To understand our Father and the length of time we are discussing, you must of course brush out the cob webs and deception you have been taught and learn from our Father. What organized Christian church systems rarely discuss is that this earth will undergo three different and distinct ages or (eons). This is well defined in 2nd Peter chapter 3. The first earth age has already occurred, it ended with a flood which we all know froze (ice age). This is not Noah's flood we are discussing here as the word Perished in 2nd Peter 3:6 is the Greek word (Strong's 622) ap-ol-loo-mee - used there means to destroy fully- to perish. During Noah's flood there was an ark full of living beings (Humans and animals).

Second is the use of the term "replenish" given in the book of Genesis, twice (Genesis 1:28 and 9:1), where our Father gave the order to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. You can not replenish what never existed before. The other hind that glares out at us is the use of the word waters in the second verse. That is Strong's word 4325 its a Hebrew word which is pronounced "mayim" It means waste water or urine. Somewhat different than you were taught

What did you just learn? You learned that there was an earth age prior to this one that is millions and billions of years old. This is the second and there will be a third. You must make it past judgement (Revelation 20) in order to participate in the 3rd earth age. Those that don't make it past the judgement due to their works, are sent to the lake of fire and destroyed permanently.

Your question was how old is our Father and what was he doing before he created this earth. You must realize that he created this earth and universe billions of years ago, so its not as if he were sitting on his kiester bored as one of the posters lists above. Job 38 -41 will give you a very detailed lesson as to what our Father was up to while he created this earth and universe, it will also humble you and your assumed knowledge. Second you must understand from 2nd Peter Chapter 3 that each day with our Father is as a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8).

Isaiah 45:18 tells us our Father does not create any thing in vain, he created this earth to be inhabited. That means down to the very last detail. So all this nonsense about the earth starting with a big bang and evolving as is is supposed by the Stoic-Sophists such as Darwin, is simply nonsense and put to bed by our Fathers word (Isaiah 45:18, Job 38 & 39 and 2nd Peter 3). Finally the answer to the question about the beginnings of time with our Father is found in the 8th chapter of Proverbs read the 22nd verse.

Finally: there are two places which will help you gain further understanding about where you were in that 1st earth age. That is 1st Corinthians chapter 15 where the spirit and flesh bodies are defined, and Ecclesiastes 12:7 where it states "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it" This pertains to everyone. All souls return to our Father upon the death of the flesh body. You return back to where you came from and to the body you once had (1st Corinthians 15).

What caused us to have to go through all this gyration of a second and third earth age? Satan caused it at the katabolle. You will find the account written in the 12th chapter of Revelation 12, and the words of 1 Peter 1:20, and John 17:24. Now go and study and find the truth and wisdom our Father has written to us in his word. Quit listening to words without knowledge. Read Exodus 3:14 where our Father tells Moses "I AM that I AM" That english conversion contains the scared name if you care to look it up.

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A truly omnipotent, omniscient God would not need time to plan the creation of the world, so he could not have been planning anything. We could say that he was occupied in being worshipped by angels, but this would portray him as narcissistic, but this too would be unacceptable. If time existed and if God existed, then God was doing nothing at all for all prior eternity.

Christian philosophers have come up with a novel solution to this problem. They say that God is outside of time. Therefore, by this hypothesis, there was no 'before' creation and so, in a way, even God began with creation.

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Q: What was God doing before he created the Earth?
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