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You'll probably find more details in other answers on FAQfarm but here is a general overview. Great Britain along with France was one of the major nations involved in fighting Germany and Italy and later Japan. Britain's navy, for the most part, guaranteed allied access to the world's oceans. After France was defeated by Germany, Great Britain stood alone against Germany until the USSR and U.S. were brought into the war in 1941. Unfortunately its army was smaller and less well versed, initially, in modern warfare compared to the Germans. Despite this Great Britain was able to achieve victories in Africa and hold on until help arrived. Britain became the staging area for the invasion of Western Europe in 1944 and was a victorious power in 1945.
Britain declared war on Germany on Sunday September 3rd 1939 because the Germans had attacked Poland. The Phoney war ended with Germanys attack on The Netherlands, Belgium & France on the 1oth may 1940. The Germans bombed airfields in UK during the summer of 1940 & went on to bomb British cities, known as the Blitz. The British & Empire forces attacked Italian advances in Egypt & Libya & Abyssinia & East Africa. General Rommel went to Africa & had success with the Afrika korps up to El Alemein in Sept 1942. Hong Kong & Singapore were attacked & taken by the Japanese after Pearl Harbor in 1941. American Forces landed in Operation Torch in Morocco & Algeria. The Germans & Italians were defeated in Tunisia & forced from Africa. British & American forces invaded Sicily & went on to invade Italy. The British in the Far East were forced to retreat to the Indian border with Burma. There were victories at Imphal & Kohima for the British & Empire forces. On the 6th June 1944 the British,Canadian, American & Free French landed in Normandy to relieve France from German occupation. The war in Europe ended in May 1945 when Allied forces defeated Germany joinig hands with the Russians from the East.

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Q: What was Great Britain's role in World War 2?
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What were Britains motives for World War 1?

Britains goal was to win the war then continue conquring the world.

How was great britain's economy affected after world war 2?

Great Britains economy crashed, they had exhausted all their rescourses on the war.

What was Britains role in World War 1?

Britain's role in WW1 was that it was the first to declare war on Germany. The war took place between July 28, 1914 and November 11, 1918.

Which statement best summarizes Great Britain's motivation for entering World War I?

Great Britain demanded that Germany respect Belgium's neutrality, but Germany refused.

How many Britains died in world war 2?

I do not have a clue

What countries were britains enemies in World War 2?


Did nationalists want to fight for Britains in World War 1?


What were the contributions of Great Britain in the World War 2?

Britains contribution in WW2 was immense. As Churchill phrased it 'Blood, toil, tears & sweat'.

Who were Britains allies at the end of the war?

i think the allies at the end of the war were Great Britain, US. and the USSR

Who was Britains main enemy during World War 1?


What date did England join World War 1 and why?

England had joined the Great War when they Declared on Germany for attacking both Belgium and France who were Britains allies

What was hemmingways role in World War I?

During World War 1 known at the time as The Great War, Hemingway drove an ambulance.

What was Britains population during world war 1?

8, but they were awsome people

Who were Britain's enemies in the world war 1?

britains enemies were France Germany

Who were on England's side in World War 2?

Canada and America were on britains side

What led to world war 2 in Singapore?

Britains military base at Singapore.

What was Great Britain's role in starting World War 1?

to look after belgium

During World War 2 Germany gave up its plans to invade Great Britain because?

During world war 2, Germany gives up its plans to invade Great Britain because they didn't have enough money or time to create forces that would match great Britains.

What was Great Britain's role during world war 2?

Great Britain's role in World War 2 was to fight in both theaters of the war. They were fighting for their very survival and to stop the Germans and Japanese. They were part of the Big 3 in the Allied Forces. They were a huge part of winning the war.

How was technology different from world war 1 from the civil war?

For one, in WWI, the Britains rolled out tanks for the first time.

What was life like for the Britains after World War 2?

Bad. Rationing and recession were in effect for 5-10 years after the war

What role did middle east play in World War 1?

The Middle East played a large role in World War 1. Their sultan declared a military jihad (holy war) against France, Russia and Great Britain during World War 1.

Who used propaganda first in World War 1?

the germans, before the war. The Britains started using propaganda after the war had already started.

World War 2 in Australia?

World War II was in Australia because the Japanese were trying to conquer Asia AND Austrlia but the Britains, Americans and Australians stopped them.

The role of women before World War 2?

The role of women before WW2 was to be the homely, caring, typical housewife. Most of the jobs were taken by men, but when the men went to War during WW1 as most of Britains younger generation was at War the women had to take on the roles of the men. This is when women started to get more equal rights.