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What was Hernando de Soto looking for?

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His specific intention of his expedition to the New World was to find a passage through the Yucatan Peninsula that could be used as a better trade route to China. Wealth and fame, however, were definitely two other results that De Soto hoped to attain from his expedition!

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Did Hernando de soto find what he was looking for?


What country is Hernando de soto from?

Hernando de Soto was from Spain.

Was Hernando de soto looking for the northwest passage?


Is Hernando de soto from Florida?

Hernando DE Soto was NOT from Florida he was from Spain

Was Hernando DE Soto successful?

yes hernando de soto was successful

What was Hernando de soto real name?

The real name of Hernando de Soto was Henry the Soto

Where was Hernando de Soto from?

Hernando de Soto was born in Extremadura, a region in Spain.

Who was Hernando de soto mother?

who was Hernando de soto the spain explorer father

Where did Hernando de Soto sail?

Hernando De Soto sailed to Florida.

What Hernando de soto found?

Hernando De Soto is the explorer who discovered the Mississippi River. Hernando De Soto made his discovery on May 8, 1541.

What was hernando de soto nickname?

De Soto

Who did Hernando de soto get married to?

Hernando de soto got married to Isabel de Bobadilla

Did Hernando de Soto sail for Spain?

Yes, Hernando de Soto was a Spanish conquistador.

When did Hernando de soto start exploing?

Hernando De Soto started exploring in 1530.

Did Hernando de soto go to Florida?

Yes, Hernando de Soto did go to Florida.

Why did Hernando de soto what to be a exploreer?

Hernando De Soto explored because he was attracted to gold

What oceans did Hernando de soto cross?

Hernando DE Soto crossed the Pacific Ocean

When was Hernando de Soto Bridge created?

Hernando de Soto Bridge was created in 1973.

What is named after Hernando de Soto?

De Soto county in Mississippi and Hernando county in Florida

Hernando De Soto when was he born?

Hernando de Soto was born on June 8, 1500

How many brothers did Hernando De Soto have?

Hernando De Soto had 1 older brother called Juan De Soto- later changed to Mendez De Soto.

What river was discovered by Hernando de Soto?

De Soto.

Who was Hernando de soto married to?

Hernando de Soto married Isabel de Bobadilla in November of 1537. She later became the only female governor of Cuba and had no children with Hernando de Soto.

What country did Hernando De Soto sail to?

Hernando De Soto sailed from cuba to santas village

What inspired Hernando de soto?

Hernando De Soto got inspired by stories of fortune and fame.

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