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Q: What was Hippocrates short term accomplishments?
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How people view Hippocrates accomplishments?

Balls! Balls!

What are Hippocrates accomplishments?

He came up with the hippocratic oath and school

Did Hippocrates discover asthma?

Hippocrates is considered to be the 'founder of medicine' and he was the first person to describe the symptoms of asthma. The Corpus Hippocraticum, by Hippocrates, is the earliest text where the word asthma is found as a medical term.

What were Pepin the Short's accomplishments?

fack u

What was Hippocrates' full name?

hippocrates full is Hippocrates Sclepiades

Is toxoplasmosis short term long term?

short term

Is unemployment long-term or short-term?


What term effect does an earthquakes long term or short term?

Answer: Short Term

Why is Hippocrates called Hippocrates?

there are for hippo

What is Hippocrates's occupation?

Hippocrates is a/an Physician

Is glycogen storage long term or short term?

short term

Long term goals and short term?

What are your long term and short term career goals ?My short-term goal is to get recruited in a company.

The memory on the motherboard is short term?

it can be long can be short term depends if it is RAM is short term..while ROM is long term....

Short term and long term effects from a volcano?

= Short term and long term effects from a volcano? = = Short term and long term effects from a volcano? =

What is Hippocrates' last name?

Hippocrates of Kos.

Who is Hippocrates mom?

enolious was hippocrates mom

Who is Hippocrates's mom?

enolious was hippocrates mom

Is mumps long term or short term?

long term mostly but in some short term

What is cleisthenes accomplishments?

he traveled to indea in a short period of time

What are your short-term goals?

What are your short-term professional goals?

What Are your short term goals?

What are your short-term professional goals?

A perfect competitor can reap an economic profit in the short term in the long term never in both the short and long term?

Short term

What endorsement did Hippocrates give massage therapy?

In the fourth century b.c. Hippocrates wrote, "The physician must be acquainted with many things and assuredly with rubbing" (the ancient Greek term for massage was rubbing).

What is the difference between a short- and long- term goal?

the long term is different between a short term because the short

What are short term career goals?

Short term career goals are the goals you set to attain in a short term leading to the your long term goal.