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There was no Final Solution speech. The Final Solution was kept secret as far as possible and Hitler did not give a speech about it on the radio or at a Party Rally.

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Q: What was Hitler's final solution speech?
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What was Hitlers final solution-?

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

What was Hitlers final stage of the final solution?

Extermination of all Jews

What was the final solution in the history of the holocaust?

Hitlers Final Solution was to committ genocide on all the Jews in Europe.

What was hitlers final soulution for the Jews of Europe?

The Final Solution for the Jews was death.

What was the name of hitlers plan to kill the Jews?

The Final Solution.

Hitlers Final Solution?

mass killing of all the jews

What was Hitlers final soulution?

The final solution refers to Hitler's "solution" to the Jewish question which involved killing millions of Jews.

Are labor camps part of the final solution?

No, the Final Solution was Hitlers plan to get rid of the Jewish people. Concentraion camps.

What was the goal of the final solution-?

There was one goal that Hitler had for the final solution. Hitlers goal was to get rid of all the people that was not like him.

What was the name given to hitlers plan to eliminate Jews?

The final solution

Hitlers plan to exterminate all jews?

Was called the final solution.

What was Hitlers term for his long-term program for the Jews?

The "Final Solution"

What was hitlers term for his long term program for the jews?

The Final Solution.

Did the final solution stop?

The final solution was Hitlers plan to kill all of the Jews. His plan was stopped when Germany lost WW2.

Who did hitlers final solution want to get rid of?

All Jewish people worldwide.

How did Hitlers devotion to the Final Solution interfere with his ability to run the war?


What title was given to hitlers plan for the liquidation of the Jews of Europe?

The final solution.

What was hitlers plan called to kill all Jews and undesirables called?

The final solution

What was this phase called when Hitlers eliminate as many Jews as possible?

The Holocaust or the Final solution

Which group suffered 6 million deaths under hitlers final solution?

The Jews.

How were the concentration camps part of hitlers final solution?

They were not really, they were pre-existing infrastructure which was utilised in part. Extermination camps were the main part of the final solution.

Why was hitlers final solution a bad idea?

It was an evil idea. The Final Solution refers to 'The final solution to the Jewish question', ie. what to do with the Jews under German control. This invariably meant mass murder or genocide.

How did some non Jews oppose Hitlers final solution?

they didnt like it genocide never did

What was Hitler's final solution and what agency was to carry it out?

Hitlers Final Solution was a plan to kill all jews. Every one who supported Nazis carried it out, from special forces to civilians.

What event in 1938 signaled the beginning of violence agains the Jews in Germany?

Hitlers idea of the Final Solution