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What was Hitler's SS?

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The SS(Shutzstaffel) or Praetorian Guard was Hitler's personal

bodyguard unit. Constructed after the takeover of Germany, the SS

was led by SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler who inducted ceremonial

rites and codes into the military division. On the Night of the

Long Knives, the SS was used to murder Chief of Staff of the SA

Ernst Rohm and other high SA officials. Afterwards, the SS was the

primary fighting force and military power of the Nazi regime. The

men incorporated into the SS were the "elite". The SS was based on

absolute loyalty to the Fuhrer. There were two main branches of the

SS. The Waffen-SS, the fighting unit, and the Allgemeine-SS, more

or less the reservists. There were also the subdivisions of the SS

such as the Einsatzgruppen, the death squads who killed the

occupants of the invaded countries, and the SS-Totenkopfverb

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