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His title from 1934 was the Fuhrer.

He used the name "Herr Wolf" when traveling in secrecy in his early days.

He was also called nicknames like "Ade," "Adi," and "Ahi."

Behind his back he was referred to as "the Manitou" which is an American Indian term for a kind of haunting spirit, often malevolent.

Other titles he was known for were "Chancellor of Germany" (appointed by President Hindenburg), "Grosster Feldherr aller Zeiten" or contracted to "Grofraz" which meant "Greatest General of All Time" (Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Keitel), and "Oberster Gerichsher" or "Supreme Judge" and his word literally became the law.

*Info from the book "A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler" previously known as "The Hitler Fact Book" by Thomas Fuchs*

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Q: What was Hitler's nickname?
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