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It refers to the Western front where Hitler wanted his forces to move to the west.

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What was hitlers eastern front lair?

It was called the Wolf's Lair.

Who was on Hitlers side?

japan and Italy were hitlers only allies when the second world war began when englnad and France had nearly 30

Why Adolf Hitler declared war?

Hitler declared war on the US on December 11, 1941 in the hopes that Japan would open a second front on Russia's (Soviet Union) Eastern (Asian) borders. Which would relieve Hitlers armies fighting on Russia's Western (European)front.

What does second front mean?

It means second thing or person from front

Where is cylinder 3 for a 3.2 Chrysler?

Second from the front, passenger side.Second from the front, passenger side.

What was the tittle to Hitlers book?

Mein Kampf. Written in two volumes, the first in 1925, the second in 1926.

Who is hitlers dad?

Hitlers father was Alois Hitler.

When was Hitlers Bombe created?

Hitlers Bombe was created in 2005.

What was Paula Hitlers Nickname?

I Think It Was Hitlers Bloody Mess.

What was Hitlers government called?

Hitlers government was called the Third Reich

What was Hitlers moms name?

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

What was Hitlers mom's name?

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

How did Hitlers father died?

Hitlers father died of a lung hemorrhage.

What were Hitlers crimes?

Hitlers crimes were trying to kill all of the Jews

How was hitlers treatment of the Jews in world war 2?

how was hitlers treatment of the Jews

What was Adolf Hitlers nickname?

Teppichfresser or Carpet-ChewerAnswerhitlers nickname was Geffory

Who was Hitlers successor?

Hitlers Successor was Karl Donitz, he was a german. Karl Dönitz

What date was Hitlers birthday?

adulf hitlers birthday was on the 20th of April 1889

Where was Hitlers dad born?

adolph hitlers dad was born on uranus and died because he was a stupid idiot! :)

What was adolf hitlers family background like?

Hitlers family background was dull and scary he was beat from his father. Hitlers father even beat his mother

Was Hitlers mum Jewish?

Hitlers mum was jewish and hitler was half jewish.

When did Hitler's invasion of Russia take place?

Hitlers invasion of russia took place on June 22,1941 during the second world war.

Why was the opening of a second front in western Europe important to the Soviet Union?

The Soviet Union pressed the Allies to open a second front in Europe - that is, one in addition to the Eastern Front. Stalin regarded North Africa and Italy as a mere sideshow. The 'second front' was the opened with the Normandy landings in 1944. A 'second front' was particularly important from the Soviet point of view as it took some of the pressure off the Eastern Front/

Did Hitlers wife shoot herself?

No. Hitlers wife did not shoot herself she took a cyanide pill.

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