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What was Hitler's view on Ireland?

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Hitler's view on Ireland. Firstly he respected its neutrality although that was no help to Norway. Secondly he planned an invasion with the help of Irish Republicans, who wanted the entire island under Irish control, including Northern Ireland. This was Operation Green. He used spies to try to rally troops to aid Germany. But these nationalists turned over the spies who were later shot. Any British airman who was downed in the Irish Sea, or Ireland and ended up in Irish hands was then handed back to the British to continue the fight. Any Germanic pilots was handed back to the British who kept them as POW's But the Luftwaffe intentionally bombed Dublin one day in 1941. This was in response to the Irish Fire Brigade sending tenders across the border to Derry and Belfast during bombing raids. This killed 12 people. From then on support for Germany became harder.

2008-07-24 23:54:18
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Q: What was Hitler's view on Ireland?
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