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Q: What was J.R.R Tolkiens mothers name?
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What are facts about JRR Tolkiens education?

he studied and later was a professor at Oxford University.

Who was the name of JRR Tolkiens friend?

C.S. Lewis, the author of the Narnia series of books, was J.R.R. Tolkien's friend at Oxford.

What was J.R.R Tolkiens fathers name?

Arthur Reuel Tolkien

What does JRR in JRR talkien books stand for?

John Ronald Reuel. His family usually used his second name, Ronald.

How did J.R.R Tolkiens mother die?

tolkiens mother died from diabetes. seriously

What is the name of the wizard and Leader of The Fellowship of the Ring in Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings?


What was C.S. Lewis' best friend's name?

JRR Tokien

What was J.R.R Tolkiens brother called?

His brother's name was Hilary Arthur Reuel Tolkien

What author name starts with a T is a 7 letter word?

JRR Tolkein

Where is tolkien from?

Tolkien is a Germanic name. JRR Tolkien, the famous author, was English.

What was JRR Tolkien's favorite of the books he wrote?

JRR Tolkien always loved the Hobbit.

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When is Tolkiens birthday?


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NO!!! "JRR" stands for "John Ronald Ruehl," and Tolkien did not use a pen-name - this is his real name!

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