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What was James Jackson's view on slavery?

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James Madison was Dead When the civil war was going on for about 100 years that's his opinoin on slavery nothing made bye Db AND DC

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What did James Kirke Paulding do to support his view of slavery?

He writted his book "Slavery in the United States" (1836) to express his view.

What was James Monroe's view on slavery?

James Monroe was pro-slavery, he owned several dozen..Ê He even took slaves to the White House during his presidency to serve him.

Was James Monroe for slavery or against slavery?

James Monroe Was Against Slavery

Who was Michael jacksons hero?

James Brown

What was George Read's view on slavery?

He was anti-slavery

What was the North's view on slavery?

The North was anti-slavery.

What was Andrew jacksons view about the nulification crisis?

I lik e the cookie

How did the supporters of the state view jacksons presidency?

i dont effin know

What was the southern state view towards slavery?

the were pro slavery

Did James mchenry support slavery?

Was James McHenry for or against anti-slavery

Michael jacksons fondation?

James Brown and Fred Astaire.

Andrew Jacksons view of presidency emphasized?

Limited but absolute control of the US government.

What is an aboliitionism?

anti- slavery view.

What was the north's point of view of slavery?

Most Northern states outlawed slavery

What point of view did congress take on the issue of slavery?

he liked having slavery

How did the north and south view slavery?

The north was against slavery, and the south favored it.

Did James Madison support slavery?

No James Madison did not support slavery, even though he owned slaves.

In what way was Abraham Lincoln's view of slavery different from that of Stephen Douglas?

In what way was Abraham Lincoln's view of slavery different from that of Stephen Douglas

Why is slavery necessary?

In my point of view, slavery was/is used to improve the economy in an inhumane way.

How has slavery evolved over time?

how did washington view on slavery evolved over time

What statements reflects the abolitionist view on slavery?

slavery was morally wrong and they wanted to end it

Today, society sees slavery as a moral issue. During the antebellum era, how did the South mainly view slavery?

as an economic issue

What was David brearley view on slavery?

it was bad

What was Lincolns view of slavery?

wrong and bad :(

What was Clara Barton's view about slavery?

no she was not a slave