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During a time when the U.S. and Japan were supposed to be having peace talks, Japanese airplanes attacked the U.S. ships that were at anchor in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese wanted to control all of the Pacific, so they told their people that citizens of the United States were too genetically impure to be able to endure the kind of war that Japan would bring.

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Q: What was Japan's involvement during Pearl Harbor?
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Japans REAsons for bombing pearl Harbor?

Elimination of the US Battlefleet stationed at Pearl Harbor.

What was the Buddhist involvement in Pearl Harbor?

There was no religious activity of any importance during the attack.

What were the result of japans attack on pearl harbor?

a lot of people were killed

How did Pearl Harbor contribute to World War 2?

Pearl Harbor was the start of USA's involvement is WW2

What events precipitated japans attack on pearl harbor Hawaii?

bye havoc

How Pearl Harbor led to US involvement in World War 2?

When japan did a surprise attack on pearl harbor

Why did japan bring the US into world war 2?

Japans airbombed Pearl Harbor

What is the importance of the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was the beginning of U.S. involvement as a military force. Prior to that we provided weapons and funding.

What happened to make the US enter world war 2?

Japans attack on Pearl Harbor

What was japans first sign of aggression leading to world war 2?

bombing of Pearl Harbor

Which event in 1941 caused the us to enter world war 2?

the japans attack on pearl harbor

Reaction paper about the movie pearl harbor?

Americans was shocked on japans surprise attacks. i love 23;;

What caused German scientists to help the US develop an atomic bomb?

Japans bombing on pearl harbor

What was Canada's involvement in pearl harbor?

Canada was involved with Britain's war with Germany.

What was Australia's involvement in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

None whatsoever. Michael Montagne

What was the U.S involvement before Pearl harbor?

Nothing they were not involved in the War before that.

What was the us involvement before pearl harbor?

We were sending supplies to Britain and China.

What was the immediate result of the attack on pearl harbor on the US?

U.S involvement In WW2

Did George Patton serve during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

No. He was in the US Army but not at Pearl Harbor during the attack.

What was the living conditions like during Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a modern facility.

How many presidents died on pearl harbor?

no presidents died during pearl harbor

What American ships were not in Pearl Harbor?

The Aircraft Carriers were not in Pearl Harbor during the attack.

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

Japans apology for bombing pearl harbor?

If they already haven't done so, the A-Bombs and Doolittles Raid nagated it.

What made US want to fight in World War 2?

Japans suprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii