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What was Japan's military strategy in World War 2?

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Their basic strategy was to attack and demoralize. They had told their citizens that an attack on Pearl Harbor would result in a war that the United States would not be able to endure because we were not racially pure and as a result did not have the courage to fight for what we believed. Unfortunately for them, they were wrong in the 40's. But today it appears that their assessment may have been correct.

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Why were trench warfare used in World War 1?

It was seen as an effective military strategy. It was seen as an effective military strategy.

What was the German military strategy in World War 1?

It was the Schlieffen Plan.

What was the German military strategy for world war 1?

Flanking, Snpiers, Gas, and Stealth

What were the military strategy used in the Pacific during World War 2?

island hopping

What was the German military strategy of lightning war when it was first used in Poland?

The germany military strategy that means "lightning war" was blitzkrieg .

What military strategy did Germany use in the battle against France in World War 2?


What was the American military strategy in the pacific during World War 1?

The US did not have a strategy in the Pacific. There was little or no conflict in the Pacific in WW I, the military activity all took place in Europe.

Who was the German general responsible for military strategy in World War 2?

No General, Hitler controlled everything.

Which military strategy did the US use against the Japanese during World War 2?

Island Hopping

Japans World War 2 emperor?

Emperor Hirohito.

What was the result of Japans invation into other countries?

World War.

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What was the new military strategy the Nazis used in World War 2?

Blitzkrieg (blitz) which means lightning attack.

What is the commonly accepted definition of the term called strategy in a war?

Many if not most military analysts and historians refer to the military term of strategy which is broad in scope. Strategy is tied into both the military plans along with to the ideas about a nation's political objectives for which a war is being fought. In the US Civil War, as an example, the way to reach the Unions political goals was to formulate a successful military strategy.

What was Japan's Achilles heel during World War 2?

What was japans achillies heel in world war two

How was Japans economy after World War 2?

Japan's economy after World War II was extremely poor. We had to support them.

Two axis powers in World War 2?

Germany Italy & Japan. Germany has Hitler. The Italian Duce is Mussolini. Japans military leader is General Tojo.

What were Japans motives in World War 2?

Domination of the East and the Pacific.

Who was japans emperor during World War II?

Emperor Hirohito

Why was hirohito important to world war 2?

because he was japans emperor

What were Japans reasons for fighting us in World War 2?


WHAT were japans reasons for entering World War II?

they ate potatotes

How was japans dictatorship during World war 2?

Japan had an Emporer.

Who was japans general during World War II?

General Tojo