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im doing a report on him and i have a little so far...john Locke was born August 29, 1632 in Bristol, England.He was a skeptic(a person who demands clear, observable, undoubtable evidence based on expirience before accepting any claim that it is true.)he believes that "impirical data"(the senses) can decieve you.and one more thing.....its ironic that he is ENGLISH (no pun intended) and he influenced U.S.A 's founding fathers

Well, that's what i got so far!Hope it helps!

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Q: What was John Locke's childhood background country of birth education and youth like?
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What was John Lockes religion?

He believed in Republican

John lockes ideas?

Life liberty and property

Who is Kevin Samuel lockes mum?

Emile Heskey

What are john lockes natural rights?

Life, liberty, and property

What was lockes theory of the natural rights of a man?

everyones ugly

What is James Madison's view of human nature?

like john lockes

John lockes philosophy was?

human beings derive their rights from nature

What was john lockes favorite books?

Dora the Explorer and Pokemon Handbook.

What was john lockes philosophies?

He argued so that people have natural rights.

What two documents was influenced by john lockes ideas?

The Declaration of Independence & the Constitution. (:

When did John lockes father die?

John Locke's father died in 1661

What are john lockes beliefs on philosophy?

human beings derive their rights from nature

What were John Lockes views on human nature?

That everybody should have natural rights...

What were John Lockes natural rights ideas?

He believed in: Life, Liberty, and Property.

How did John Lockes views affect Thomas Jefferson?

it helped him write the declaration of independance

How was Jefferson writing influenced by john Lockes writing?

suckling on your own pubic hairs

In lockes second treatise on civil government?

the government is under the same laws as everyone else

Is it true that the declaration of independence was a statement claiming that the king of england had broken lockes contract?


How does lockes ideas of government effect us today?

well locke believed that people were good and they are!

John lockes natural rights?

Life, Liberty, and property property is later changed to the prusuit of happiness

Which was most directly affected by john lockes philosophy of natural rights?

Nova Net Answer: Declaration Of Independence

What were john Locke's arguments used for?

John lockes arguements were used to help humans keep their natural rights.

What is the title of john lockes book?

Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Letter Concerning Tolleration, Of The Abuse of Words,

What were John Lockes hobbies?

Science and medicine .He continued to study science and philosophy. Particularly liked the work of Descartes.

What was john lockes belief in his excerpt?

You have to answer this question. We don't have the excerpt and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills not ours.