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One of the most famous English Philosophers, he formulated a philosophy that became known as Rationalism.

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Q: What was John Locke best known for?
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What is john Locke known for?

John Locke is known for his view on Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

What did John Locke invent?

John Locke is commonly known as the "Father of Liberalism."

Which political philosopher is best known for developing the concept of social contract?

John Locke

What did john Locke believe was the best form of government?

John Locke believed the best form of government was democracy.

How was john Locke and Thomas Hobbes similar?

John Locke was a philosopher he had written the book" two treaties of government." Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher he was best known for his political philosophies.

What was the title of one book John Locke wrote?

His major work, or what he is best known for is his Two "Treatises of Government".

What theory of government did John Locke support in his Second Treatise on Civil Government?

Socialsim. John Locke is known as the Father of Liberalism.

What idea did John Locke advocate for the role of a government?

John Locke said that the best kind of government had limited power and was accepted by all citizens.

People known as the father of capitalism?

Adam Smith, and sometimes John Locke.

Which best describes the difference in idea between thomas hobbes and john Locke?

john Locke was more in favor of democracyHobbes was more in favor of monarchy

Acrostic poem for John Locke?

A poem on John Locke

What was the best form of government according to John Locke?

limited power

What form of government did john Locke think was best?

A Democratic System

Who was John Locke married to?

John Locke never married. Locke's father, who was also named John Locke, was a country lawyer.

What were two beliefs of John Locke?

John Locke is a good man

When was John Locke born?

john Locke was born on August 29, 1632

Did John Locke fight in the Revolutionary War?

Yes, but not the John Locke that was from England. The John Locke that fought in the Revolutionary War was the son of Col. Frances Locke from North Carolina. This John Locke (1755-1841) was a Major in the North Carolina forces and was married to Margaret Locke.

Where did John Locke live?

John Locke lived in England in 1632

Where did John Locke die?

John Locke died in Oates in England.

What is a good slogan for John Locke?

Unlock your freedom with john locke!

What profession was John Locke trained for?

John Locke studied medicine.

Who inspired john Locke?

John Locke was an English philosopher during colonial times in America. John Locke was said to be very influenced by John Milton.

Who is john Locke and what did he believe in?

John Locke was an enlightenment philosopher and believed in the natural rights of man, many correlations to the John Locke on Lost

What did john Locke wright?

John Locke wrote many things during his lifetime. Some of his well-known works include "Some Thoughts Concerning Education" and "First Tract of Government".

Does John Locke believe in democracy?

Yes. John Locke believed in democracy.