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The Jonas brothers are Brothers!!! Their name before they chose the name the Jonas Brothers was gonna be Sons of Jonas

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Q: What was Jonas Brothers originally?
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What did the Jonas Brothers call themselves before they were called the Jonas Brothers?

Originally it was Sons of Jonas.. but before they got signed, they changed it to Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers were originally going to call the band?

"Sons of Jonas", but Kevin came up with "Jonas Brothers".

What were the Jonas brothers originally going to call the band?

Sons of Jonas

Who of the Jonas brothers was originally supposed to go solo?

Nick Jonas

What was the original Jonas brothers band name?

They were originally Sons of Jonas

The sons of Jonas was this the Jonas Brothers band name was going to be?

The Jonas Brothers originally planned to be called 'Sons of Jonas', but for some reason that I don't know it changed to Jonas Brothers.

What was the original name of the Jonas Brothers?

The band was originally going to be called "Sons Of Jonas", but Kevin thought of the name "Jonas Brothers".

What state did the Jonas Brothers originally come from?


What was going to be the origonal name of the Jonas Brothers?

They were originally going to call themselves "Sons Of Jonas" but decided on the Jonas Brothers instead. Hope this helps!!

Where were the Jonas Brothers from before they achieved fame?

They were originally from New Jersey.

With the Jonas brothers who were year 3000 and what you go to school for originally written by?

Busted wrote and originally played Year 3000 and What I Go To School For, but the Jonas Brothers changed the lyrics round a bit.

Who came up with the name for Jonas brothers?

Kevin did. They were originally going to name the band, "Sons Of Jonas".

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