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In Shakespeare's play Caesar has had a rough night, complete with crying wife and bad news sacrifices. However, he decides to go to the Capitol because Decius (one of the conspirators!) has promised that the people want to give him the crown that day. On the way to the Capitol, an old man tries to give Caesar a letter warning him of the assassination plot, but Caesar ignores his note.

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Q: What was Julius Caesar warned about in Shakespeare's play of 'Julius Caesar'?
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Which play of shakespeares was about Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar

What was Brutus's from Shakespeares play 'Julius Caesar' first name?


How long does shakespeares Julius Caesar play last?

2 years

What was Julius Caesar warned about in the play of the same name?

Julius Caesar was warned, "Beware the ides of March." The ides of March was the middle of the month, the 15th day. It turns out that was the day Caesar was assassinated by the Roman Senate.

What type of genre was shakespeares play jul ius Caesar?

Julius Caesar is generally called a tragedy. Although it might as easily have been called a history.

Who died in the play Julius Caesar?

Caesar died in Julius Caesar.

What is the main theme of the Julius Caesar by Julius Caesar?

The play Julius Caesar was by William Shakespeare, not by Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar wrote about the Gallic Wars and the Civil Wars. .

Why did Shakespeare call his play Julius Caesar?

It was about Julius Caesar, mainly...

Why is Shakespeare's Julius Caesar called Julius Caesar?

The play is titled "Julius Caesar" because it is about the final days of the Roman king, Julius Caesar.

In 'Julius Caesar' what role does metellus cimber play in Julius Caesar's death?

He is a conspirator against Julius Caesar.

What form of writing is Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar, the play by William Shakespeare, is a play, actually.

Who are the important characters in the play Julius Caesar?

Characters such as Mark Antony, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, and Julius's sun what's - his - name are key to the play Julius Caesar

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