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The first song Justin Bieber recorded was called 'Common Denominator', however the first song he released was 'One Time'.

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Is where are you now Justin biebers first sing?

No his first song is Common Denominator his first single is One Time.

What is Justin biebers favorite song to sing?

Justin Biebers favourite song to sing is Up. He says this because it very different than the rest of his music. I hope I my answer was to your likings :D

Justin Biebers manager-scooter braun?

Yes, Scooter Braun is Justin Bieber's manager. He brought Justin to Atlanta to sing for Usher.

Do you think Justin Biebers sing like a girl?

i think he is a girl not just sings like one

What is Justin biebers occuption?

Justin bieberes occupation is to sing and dance and to have fun.......he also is a normal kid he has to listen to his mom like every1 of us

Did Justin Bieber ever kiss Caitlin beadles?

yes after he got his first song ready to sing to her

Where did Justin Bieber start his music career?

Justin Biebers career started when he posted videos through youtube. He later met Usher. Usher seen Justin's videos and flew Justin over to sing for him. Justin Timberlake was also watchin Jusin Biebers videos and was fighting over Justin Bieber woth Usher.

When did Justin Bieber sing his first album?

justin singed his first album in 2010

What episode on glee does sam sing Justin Biebers song sombody to love?

They (Sam, Artie, Puck and Mike) sing the song in the episode 'Comeback', which is the thirteenth episode of season 2.

What did Justin bieber sing at his first concert?

Justin Bieber sang baby at his first concert.

How would be Justin Bieber to sing at his birthday?

i would like to see justin biebers feet because what if his nails are bitten and have powder i just wish justin bieber wore sandles to my birthday because i want to stare at them

Will Justin Bieber ever play and sing in Texas?

He probably will one of these days.

How did usher found out about Justin bieber?

Justin Biebers manager found out about him on youtube and flew him out to atlanta to meet usher so when Justin first saw usher it was in a parking lot and he ran up to him and asked him if he could sing for him but usher refused and went inside but later after watching his videos on youtube he called him back and signed him

When did Justin Bieber first sing?

he started singing when he was about 10

Does Sean Kingston like Justin Bieber?

Yes they sing together and they are really close some person on you tube said that "Sean Kingston hates Justin Bieber" apparently and Justin Bieber likes Sean Kingston but is this the end of Justin Biebers friend ship with Sean Kingston ??

Who was the first women to sing a song?

Marian Anderson was the first black women to ever sing

Has Justin Bieber ever taken singing lessons?

Justin Bieber has never taken singing lessons; he taught himself to sing.

Why does Justin bieber lip sing?

Justin bieber does not lip sing.

Why did Justin Bieber sing with usher?

Justin bieber sung with usher because Justin wanted 2 sing 4 usher but when he tried 2 usher didnt have the time...then a few weeks later usher seen biebers youtube videos and called bieber and asked him 2 sing with him. if you want to see his story go to the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7zgCEwxbjg&feature=related

Did anyone inspire Justin Bieber to sing?

Yes; every horrible pop artist ever.

Make a coment about Justin bibber?

justin bieber i sthe hottiest yong sing ever is true?lol no because mindless behavior killin his swaqq and sing and dancing but that should be me is my song thats it by

Why does Justin Bieber want to sing?

justin birber wants to sing with beyonce

Will Justin Bieber sing in the us?

Of course Justin Bieber will sing in the US.

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