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Charles 1 was the Head of the Protestant Church of England and persecuted most religious groups that would not swear allegiance to the Church of England. He was Defender of the Faith, a loyal Anglican but Head of the Church, which was a problem for anyone who believed Christ was head not the King!

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Q: What was King Charles 1 church policy?
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Why did King Charles 1 marry a Catholic?

Everyone was Catholic including King Charles. It wasn't until the Reformation that there was a Church of England and the English kings were not allowed to marry a Catholic.

Did King Charles 1 change the church?

yes he did. He was accompanied by Archbishop Laud (who was appointed Archbishop in 1633).

Where did king Charles 1 live?

king charles 1 lived in dunfermilne whitch is in scotland

When did the Puritans defeat King Charles 1?

why was king Charles 1 defeated in the English civil war

What was king Charles' 1 surname?

King Charles I's surname was Stuart.

What are facts about King Charles 1?

he was a king

What religion was Charles the 1 of England?

Charles 1 was a Protestant, he then married Henrietta Maria, which caused problems between Parliament and King Charles 1. He made changes to the church for Henrietta Maria, which caused even more problems between Parliament and King Charles. Henrietta Maria, was a French Catholic, If King Charles was a Catholic, and then married a Catholic, then religion wouldn't be problem, as then England would already be a Catholic, but King Charles was a Protestant, and married a Catholic. Which wasn't approval, for Parliament, This answer, answers a lot of question, not just what religion Charles 1 of England.

How were King Charles 1 and Charles 1 related?

They were the same person! :)

Who became king king after king James 1?

Charles I

When did king charles 1 execute King John 1?

He didn't, King John died in 1216 and Charles wasn't born until 1600.

What did the puritans have against King Charles 1?

The puritans didnt like the way the how the Church of England was going and they didnt want a king to control them, so the killed the king for trying to take over the puritans

Was King Charles 1 a good king?


Was King Charles 1 a bad king?

yes he was.

What king was on the throne in 1632?

King Charles 1.

Who was the king after Charles 1?

Charles 11 king of both England and Scotland (1660-85)

How old was King Charles 1 when he was crowned king?

1 year old

When did Charles 1 die?

King Charles 1, died the 30th January, 1649 (:

Who was king before Charles 1?

His father, King James I

How did king Charles 1 gain power?


Who was King Charles 1 married to?

King Charles 1 was married to Henrietta Maria of France. They got married on the 11th of May 1625.

Which king came after James 1?

Charles 1

Did King Charles' decisions lead to the civil war?

Charles 1

When did King Charles 1 change the church?

Charles changed the church With the help of Archbishop Laud Of Canterbury Between 1629 And 1640, they Then Forced These Laws On The Scott's And English Causing The Scott's To Rebel And Making Charles Call back Parliament Ending The 11 Year tyranny . Hope This helped !

Who was king in between Elizabeth 1 and Charles 1?

James 1

When and where did Charles 1 get executed?

king charles was executed in Jamaica in the year 2546

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