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his best selling song was the thriller.

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Thriller is the best selling album from Michael Jackson. It sold over 100 million copies world wide.The best selling song or single is reported to have been Billie Jean with 7.9million copies sold worldwide. In the UK the best selling Michael Jackson song is Earth Song which sold 1.1million copies but wasn't released in the USA

"Billie Jean" was his biggest selling song worldwide.

His newest song is called "This is it"

this is it. there was no music video made for it.

" The greatest hit by Michael Jackson was Thriller

No, the name of this song is Smooth Crimimal:)*

I'm guessing it was Thriller, since that's like the best album ever.

Its a song about a woman who was cheating on him. Its not based on a true story, its just a song.

it was the title track to the biggest selling album of all time. its music video is considered the best ever made. it also one of Michael Jacksons signature songs and has been performed on every one of his world tours.

Disturbed's best selling song is Down With the Sickness

Michael Jackson's Good Times was a song on an album released by The Jacksons in 1976.

The first song Michael Jackson was credited for writing was "Blues Away" off of the 1976 album The Jacksons.

You may be talking about Scream, a 1995 duet between the two.

It was a song from the Thriller album in 1982.

There isn't a most hated song. Some people like a song, some people don't like a song.

fight for this love, it was best selling singe by her :)

I think it was "Blues Away" which was on The Jacksons' album "The Jacksons."

I Want You Back (1969) from the Jackson 5.

weird al yankovic sings eat it as a parody of Michael jacksons beat it

Yes,he did.The name of the song is "Whatever Happens"

the best selling christmas song is jingle bells and santa claus is coming to town.

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