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What was Mickey Mantle's first number with the Yankees?

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Who was the first baseman for the 1968 New York Yankees?

In 1968, Mickey Mantle was the starting first baseman for the Yankees.

Did Mickey Mantle play with Babe Ruth?

No. Babe Ruth's last season with the Yankees was 1934 and Mickey Mantle's first season with the Yankees was 1951.

What Yankee hit the first home run after Mickey Mantles birth?

Mantle was born on October 20, 1931, the next game that the Yankees played was the Opening game of the 1932 season on April 12th. Babe Ruth was the 1st to hit a home run.

What was mickey mantle's number?

Mantle's uniform number was 7 for most of his career with the New York Yankees, but he wore No. 6 when he first broke into the majors in 1951.

What is a 1951 topps 50 mickey mantle card?

1952 Mantles First Topps CardThe first baseball cards, Red Backs, and Blue Backs game cards, were published by Topps in 1951 But Mantle was not part of that set. In 1952 the First set was issued by Topps with the famed Mickey Mantle Rookie card number 311. You have to be more specific to the year, and number of the card you have was issued.

What was Mickey Mantle's first number?

April 17, 1951 the 19 year old Mickey Mantle broke into the big leagues with the New York Yankees wearing uniform number 6.After a bad start Mickey was sent down to the minors. He told his dad he was going to quit, and his father told him to pack his bags to come home. After a second thought to try again Mickey was then called up again to the Yankees, and was then issued number 7 for good.

When was Mickey Mantle's first game?

Mickey Mantle made his Major League debut with the New York Yankees on April 17, 1951.

Did Mickey Mantle ever wear jersey number 65?

No, not while playing Major League baseball. Mickey Mantle wore #7 for his entire career. He did wear #6 when he was first called up by the Yankees in 1951.

Who was the first New York Yankees player to have his number retired?

Lou Gehrig was the first Yankee to have his number retired. The #4 was retired by the Yankees in 1939.

What uniform number did Mickey Mantle wear?

Mickey Mantle wore uniform number 6 in his first year then wore the number 7 for the rest of his career.

Where did mickey mantle first play baseball?

Mickey Mantle was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School, playing basketball, football, and baseball. On April 17,1951 Mickey Mantle made his Major League debut with the New York Yankees.

Who wore number 4 for the New York Yankees?

Lou Gehrig wore the number four on the Yankees. He was the first player in any sport to have his number retired.

What Yankee hit the first home run after Mickey Mantles death?

Mickey Mantle died at 2:10 A.M. Eastern time at Baylor University Medical Center on August 13, 1995. That same day, Paul O'Neill hit his 16th home run of the season in the 1st inning.

Which New York Yankees batter holds the record for second most strikeouts in a career?

Mickey Mantle is second on the all-time Yankees list for most strikeouts, with 1,710. Derek Jeter is first.

What famous athlete has a first and last name starting with M?

Mickey Mantle was a famous baseball player who played for the New York Yankees

What particular baseball situation in the late Spring of 1959 with the New York Yankees was an emotional burden for Mickey Mantle?

The Yankees went into last place for the first time since 1940. The Yankees were not use to this type of situation and as a star player, Mickey was very disappointed. As the year progressed the Yankees managed to finish in third place. Mantle improved his earlier batting average to .285. He hit 31 homers and had 75 RBIs.

When did Mickey Mantle start playing baseball?

Mickey Mantle started playing baseball as a young child in his hometown of Commerce, Oklahoma. As far as the major leagues, Mantle's first year with the New York Yankees was 1951.

Who wears number 25 on the New York Yankees?

First baseman Mark Teixeira currently wears #25 on the Yankees.

What number was mickey mantle famous for?

Mickey Mantle Uniform number 7Mickey Mantle was first issued uniform number 6 in 1951. After a slow start he was sent down to the minors. Later that year he was called back up to the Majors, and Issued uniform number 7, the number he would wear the rest of his career.

First is in mickey but not mouse?

mickey was not a mouse

Who wore Yankees number 72?

First baseman Juan Miranda in 2009.

What was Billy Martin's number on the New York Yankees?

Billy was number 1Billy Martin wore uniform number 12 during his first year with the Yankees in 1950. From 1951 -1957 he wore uniform number 1.

Who wore number 4 for the New York Yankees in 2010?

Number four was only worn by one player ever on the Yankees. First Baseman Lou Gehrig from 1929-39

What number did Mickey Mantle wear during his rookie year?

Mickey Mantle wore two numbers during his rookie season. He wore #6 when he first debuted for the Yankees in 1951, but went through a brief slump and was sent down to the farm team. He was called up after forty games and was given jersey #7, which he wore for the rest of his career.

What major league player hit the first home run in a major league game at the Astrodome?

Mickey Mantle hit first home run at Astrodome during preseason game with the Yankees and Astros.......