Mother Teresa

What was Mother Teresa's occupation?

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February 12, 2015 4:52AM

She was a nun who looked after the poor people.


Agnes decided to become a Catholic nun, in order to do missionary work and spread the message of love and compassion in the world. In 1928, she became a Catholic nun and changed her name from Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to Teresa. Later on, she joined the Irish order 'The Sisters of Loretto'. In order to carry out missionary work in India, she was sent to Calcutta on 6th January 1929, where she was appointed as a teacher at St. Mary's High School. Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa on 24th May 1937, when she made final Profession of Vows to become the 'Spouse of Jesus for Eternity'. She continued to work as a teacher. In 1944, she became the principal of the school.