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NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) was an alliance of nations including the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. It was formed to defend Western Europe against the USSR.

The Warsaw Pact was the USSR's response to NATO. It was similarly an alliance of nations and was made of the USSR and the Communist Eastern European countries it occupied.

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Q: What was NATO and the Warsaw Pact?
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Which pact opposed NATO?

The Warsaw Pact.

How is the Warsaw pact and NATO different?

The Warsaw Pact is now defunct. NATO continues to operate. The Warsaw Pact only invaded its own members. NATO only defended its own members.

Did NATO or Warsaw Pact operate today?

Yes, NATO is currently still in existence. The Warsaw Pact disbanded in 1991. Many former Warsaw Pact allies are current NATO members.

What side did NATO and the Warsaw Pact represent durin the cold war?

US/NATO vs USSR/Warsaw Pact.

Which of these was a counterpart to NATO?

Warsaw Pact

What was NATO countered by?

The Warsaw Pact

What is the opposite of NATO?

It was the Warsaw Pact.

How was Warsaw Pact and NATO related?

The Warsaw Pact was an alliance of eight European Communist nations created as a counterbalance to the formation of NATO.

How many more nations were members of NATO than of the Warsaw Pact?

There were four more member nations of NATO than of the Warsaw Pact. NATO consisted of 12 countries, while the Warsaw Pact consisted of only 8 countries.

What were the goals of NATO and the Warsaw Pact?

NATO, the Warsaw Pact set up a mutual defence organization, the Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO), with a unified military etc

What was the alliance formed against NATO?

That would be the Warsaw Pact, also referred to as the Eastern Block of nations. It was formed a few years after NATO.Warsaw pactWarsaw Pact created by the Soviet Union

What was the purpose of NATO and the Warsaw pact?

NATO: Stop the spread of communism, democratic countries Warsaw Pact: Opposite of NATO, Wanted to spread communism. Consisted of Communist countries.

What was the Soviet version of NATO?

the Warsaw Pact

Which of these is a counter part of NATO?

Warsaw Pact

What was the Russian equivalent to NATO?

The Warsaw Pact

Why Was NATO created in was created in response to the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact?

It was the opposite actually, Soviet Unions WARSAW pact was created because of NATO.

What pact did the soviet union create in response to NATO?

Warsaw pact

What was the name of the organization that was the polar opposite of NATO when NATO was created?

Warsaw Pact

What was the communist response to the creation of NATO?

The Warsaw Pact.

Who was the Defense organisation to oppose the Warsaw Pact?


NATO and the Warsaw Pact were example of?

Military Alliances.

What are the alliances for cold war?

NATO and Warsaw Pact

What was NATO originally established to do?

To defend Western Europe from the seven-member Warsaw Pact in case of war. The Warsaw Pact was disbanded years ago, but NATO has survived anyway.

What was the soviet's response to NATO?

The Soviets had the WARSAW PACT forces.

What did the soviets sign sign in response to NATO?

The Warsaw Pact

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