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Communist North Vietnam's goal was to re-unite with the REPUBLIC of South Vietnam.

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What was the goals of Russia and china during the Vietnam war?

For North Vietnam to win the war; which they did.

Goals or priorities during Vietnam War?

thanks for the help thanks for the help

What were Vietnam's goals in Vietnam?

I do not know what goals Vietnam had in Vietnam But the U.S. wanted to keep Vietnam from becoming a communist country.

What were multiple goals of the us during the Vietnam war?

To keep the Soviets & Red Chinese at bay, and preserve the Republic of South Vietnam.

What were Ho Chi Minh's goals for Vietnam?

His two main goals were to unify North and South Vietnam to bring it back to one nation the way it was before it was divided by the colonial powers, and then to make all of Vietnam communist. To prevent French colonialism

What are America's goals in Vietnam?

US goals were to prevent the Republic of Vietnam (South) from being militarily conquered by the Communist North. The fear was that failure to stop Communist aggression in Vietnam would lead to it spreading to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and eventually, the entire SE Asian region.

What was Ho Chi Minhs goals for Vietnam?

Reunification with South Vietnam.

Why did the U.S. have dificulties in achieving its goals in Vietnam?

1. Couldn't invade North Vietnam. 2. Couldn't use nuclear weapons. 3. Couldn't isolate (stop) the flow of M/M (Men/Material) into South Vietnam.

What was the the difference between the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong?

The Viet Cong was the military arm of the National Liberation Front, South Vietnamese Communists, who supported the goals of the North Vietnamese Communists in their attempt to gain military and political control over South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese Army was the regular army of North Vietnam. MrV

What team has the most goals against in the FIFAworld cup 2010?

North Korea, conceding 12 goals in 3 games during 2010 world cup.

What were the goals of the North in the Civil War?

To keep the union intact. Though the abolition of slavery was stated, it was during the Reconstruction.

What actions did the Lyndon Johnson Administration take behind enemy lines in the Vietnam War?

The Lyndon Johnson Administration took what it considered to be proper actions against North Vietnam. This included U-2 spy flights and the parachuting of supplies and reinforcements to anti-North Vietnam forces. Sabotage and psychological warfare were the goals of these teams. The sabotage teams had been successful in blowing up bridges and ambushing North Vietnamese troop patrols.

Goals of Vietnam war?

Preserve the Republic of South Vietnam from a communist conquest. to shift the burden of fighting to Vietnamese citizens.

Which team scored most goals in a match during the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Portugal scored the most goals in a match during the 2010 FIFA World Cup at 7 goals against Korea DPR.In the 2010 world cup Portugal scored the most goals , it was 7-0 win over North Korea.

How did the American goals change during the Korean War?

US goals may have been established during the Korean War. Prior to the Korean War, the Free World and Communist World had not fought each other. Now that the two had fought; they knew how to handle each other. Next stop was: Vietnam.

What were the goals of group protesting the Vietnam war?

Their goals were to stop violence I think, but that didn't work very well since they were rioting.

US Goals in the Vietnam War?

Stop communist aggression & preserve the RVN.

How many goals did Wayne Carey kick?

Wayne Carey, one of the greatest AFL players of all-time, kicked 738 goals during his 272 match-career with North Melbourne and Adelaide.

Conflicting goals during in america durring cold war?

The geo-political goals were some of the conflicting goals in America during the Cold war.

How did President Johnson use the Gulf of Tonkin incident to further his goals in the Vietnam conflict?

President Johnson used the gulf of tonkin incident to further his goals in the vietnam conflict by creating a buzz and hysteria through the country about terrorism and anti forces.

What were the goals of president Truman during the Korean war?

Truman wanted to stop North Korea from taking over South Korea. He also wanted South Korea to take over North Korea.

Are the goals at the North and South poles in hockey?

The North/South designation is to identify each goal from the other. The goals do not have to be geographically correct in regards to the poles of the Earth.

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