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Q: What was Patrick Henry's education like?
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What is Patrick Henrys nickname?


Who was patrick henrys father?

John Henry

What were some of Patrick Henrys interests?


What was Patrick Henrys first job?


What color was Patrick henrys hair?


What were Patrick Henrys and George masons views on ratifications?


What is Patrick Henrys sisters name?

Anne Henry

Who was Patrick Henrys second wife?

ann boyler

What were Patrick Henry's periods of influence?

patrick henrys is patrick star off spongebobs real name

How did Patrick Henrys first wife die?

Died of Crack

How did Patrick Henrys wife die?

she had a mental illness

Who were Patrick Henrys mom and dad?

His Dad was John Henry

Who was Patrick Henrys Mom and Dad?

Patrick Henry's parents were Brianna Estrada and Xaviar estrada

What are some of Patrick Henrys Memorials?

Patrick Henry's Red Hill Memorial Foundation

What were Patrick Henrys important dates?

In 1754 he married Sarah Shelton.

What was Patrick Henrys beliefs on the antifederalist?

That It Gave THem Too Much Power

What is Patrick Henrys famous speech?

give me liberty or give me dealth

Who was Patrick henrys family?

John Henry and Sarah wiston syme

What was Patrick Henrys greatest acomplishment?

Patrick Henry's greatest accomplishments include ushering Virginian independence in the 1770s

Did Catherine parr get on with henrys children?

she adored them and helped them learn education

The likely audience Patrick Henrys speech is intended for is?

the delegates of the second virginia convention

What were Patrick Henrys and george masons views on ratification?

Patrick Henry and George Mason opposed ratification because they were Anti-federalists.

Why is Patrick henrys speech important?

Patrick Henry's speech was important because he helped persuade Virginia to enter into the fight for American independence.

What is the author's purpose in Patrick henrys speech?

to show the colonists that war with britain was their only option

What is the author purpose in Patrick henrys speech?

to show the colonists that war with britain was their only option