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What was Pete Rose's player number?

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What is pete roses parents name?

bob and fill

In what year was Pete Sampras the world's number 1 tennis player?

Pete Sampras, a professional tennis player, was ranked as the world's number 1 tennis player in 1993. He held that position for nineteen consecutive weeks.

Who is baseball player with highest number of hits in career?

pete rose

What famous NBA player wore number forty four on his jersey?

Jerry West Pete Maravich(Pistol Pete)

Who is the most famous baseball player to wear number 14?

Pete Rose

Why was Pete Roses scandal such a big deal?

He bet against his own team.

Where is pete roses 1975 world series ring?

In ben piersons bedroom

Which tennis player has the maximum number of weeks as number one?

Pete Sampras, 283 weeks as number One. ~ Sai

What is the Phone number to Roses Dept. Store's Corporate office?

whats roses phone number in richlands

What active player is closest to Pete Roses hit record?

Through games played on July 30, 2009 that is Ken Griffey Jr. with 2,736 base hits which ranks 49th all time.

Is pete samprasthe tennis player is the world number one?

No he is not, Rafael Nadal is currently ranked #1 in the world.

What sport does Pete Sampras?

Pete Sampras is a world champion tennis player..

How tall is Pete Kozma?

MLB player Pete Kozma is 6'-01''.

What are baseball player Pete Wilson's physical stats?

Pete Wilson throws left.

Where was Pete Kozma born?

MLB player Pete Kozma was born in Tulsa, OK.

What is derrick roses number?

Derrick Rose's number is one.

Why cant you find pete roses catch that popped out of bob boones glove in the 1980 world series?

Copyrighted by mlb

What is the phone number for the pizza man on poptropica?

5555-PETE! As in pete sevinson

Has anyone beat pete roses reacord?

Pete Rose still Holds the record for most career hits with 4,256. At age 39 Ken Griffey Jr. is the closest active player with 2,763 hits. Derek Jeter has a better shot at the record at age 35, and in better health Jeter has 2,747 hits.

What is Pete Wentz's official fan phone number?

A public fan phone number for Pete Wentz is not known at this time.

What is Pete Kozma's number on the St. Louis Cardinals?

Pete Kozma is number 38 on the St. Louis Cardinals.

What does a dozen roses mean?

The number of roses in a bunch has significant meaning. For instance, six roses means the need to be loved and cherished. A single rose or a dozen roses means that you love that person. Two roses is an engagement proposal.

Who was the base player for guns and roses?

Answer: Duff Mckagan

What is the first name of Tennis player Sampras?

His first name is Pete. So, he is Pete Sampras.

When was baseball player Pete Daniels born?

Pete Daniels was born April 8, 1864.