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What was Plan Seventeen during World War 1?

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Plan seventeen was a plan used in World War I. It was the French battle plan. The French were feeling resentful towards the German because of the Prussian war forty years prior. The Prussians, now Germans, had taking the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine from the French. The French planned to take them back. Plan seventeen involved an all out attack on Alsace and Lorraine by soldiers who fought fast and deadly, no matter the odds. They wanted to win back their lost provinces. Unfortunately, the plan failed and the French retreated to stop the Germans attacking in the Schlieffen Plan.

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What was the strategy of 'Plan Seventeen' during World War 1?

plan seventeen was the french's plan consisting of the soldiers entering to Alsace-Lorraine- a province the Germans took from them in 1870-, take over the territory, (which in fact was good for plantation and industry) and then concentrate in marching into Berlin, Germany's capital. There, they would make the Germans surrender

What would your life be like if you were seventeen in during World War 1?

if i was 17 during world war 2 than i would be terrified and interested at the same right know i an bored so world war 2 would be some action

In world war 2 what was the name of the plan for the allies to invade France-?

Operation Overlord was the name of the plan for the allies to invade France during the World War 2.

What was President Wilson's plan called for post war Europe during World War 1?


How many points were there in Wilson's plan for peace during World War 1?


Why was the schifflen plan designed?

The Schlieffen plan was designed shortly after The Franco-Prussian war by the Germans as a means of defeating the French quickly and efficiently. A similar method was used effectively during the Second World War but did not work so well during the First World War.

Was the schlieffen plan developed before or during World War 1?

before The Schlieffen Plan was developed in 1905, 9 years before war actually broke out.

Is there anything in World War 2 that starts with a Z?

Z Plan was the name of Japan's naval battle strategy during World War 2.

Operation Overload during world war 2?

The general plan for the invasion of Europe by the allies.

What was the Wilson doctrine During the First World War?

The Wilson Doctrine during the First World War was Woodrow Wilson's 14 point speech he presented to Congress. It was his plan to end the fighting.

What were the names of the two war front plan by Germany during World War 1?

Try looking on or a search engine. == answer.....== I think one of the names was the Schlieffen Plan.

Why was the US able to implement the Marshall plan after world war 2?

The U.S. military suffered few losses during the war.

During civil war did the south plan to war of attak or war of defense?

the south wanted to plan attack.

What plan did the US use to supply Britain with supplies during World War 2?


How many women died in the Korean war?

During the Korean war there were seventeen military nurses who died during the conflict mostly from airplane crashes .

Who said failure to plan is planning to fail?

It's Winston Churchill who said "He who fails to plan is planning to fail" during World War II

What was the Union's plan of attack during the civil war?

what was the unions plan of attack during the civil war

What Was Hitler's plan regarding the concentration camps during the last months of World War 2?

I'm not sure.

What was the name of Germany's plan during World War 1?

The Schlieffen Plan - war on two fronts, beating the French on the western front quickly then focusing troops on eastern front against Russia

What was the US president's peace plan called during World War 1?

Wilson's plan was called the Fourteen Points. *The League of Nations" was also created after the war, but the United States did not join. Hope that helped!

What impact did the Battle of Britain have on Germany's plans during World War 2?

It forced them to abandon their plan to invade Britain.

The collapse of the Russian and Austria-Hungarian empires during World War 1 contributed directly to?

marshal plan

What was the plan for European recovery after World War 2?

The Marshall Plan.

What was Germany's plan on to win world war 1?

Schlieffen Plan

Social impact of the war during World War 2?

what was the impact of the war during the world war II

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