What was President Wilson's 14-point Peace Plan?

1) abolition of secret diplomacy by open covenants, openly arrived at; (2) freedom of the seas in peace and war, except as the seas may be closed in whole or part by international action for enforcement of international covenants; (3) removal of international trade barriers wherever possible and establishment of an equality of trade conditions among the nations consenting to the peace; (4) reduction of armaments consistent with public safety; (5) adjustment of colonial disputes consistent with the interests of both the controlling government and the colonial population; (6) evacuation of Russian territory, with the proviso of self-determination; (7) evacuation and restoration of Belgium; (8) evacuation and restoration of French territory, including Alsace-Lorraine; (9) readjustment of Italian frontiers along clearly recognizable lines of nationality; (10) autonomy for the peoples of Austria-Hungary; (11) evacuation and restoration of territory to Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania, granting of seaports to Serbia, and readjustment and international guarantee of the national ambitions of the Balkan nations; (12) self-determination for non-Turkish peoples under Turkish control and internationalization of the Dardanelles; (13) an independent Poland, with access to the sea; and (14) creation of a general association of nations under specific covenants to give mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity.