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He just to work at a cell phone store in new york

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When did prince Royce start singing?

prince Royce started singing when he was 3 but became famous around 13 14 years of age(: i love prince Royce hes the kutest funniest smartest etc. i love you prince Royce for ever and always your numero uno fan(;(:

Is prince Royce a prince?

No he's not. but is treated like one for being famous. he named himself after prince Royce because Royce was his middle name and prince cause he looks hot

Were does prince Royce live?

Prince Royce lives in massahuchats and minnesota he mOved over ther because he was getting famous

Who is a famous musician the Dominican Republic?

I am dominican. And a famous Dominican artist is Prince Royce

Why Does Prince Royce Call Himself Prince Royce?

because price Royce is a Prince and hes the Prince of thee bachata music

What is prince Royce sceen aim name?

Geoffrey Royce Rojas ( Prince Royce)

Where can you get prince Royce?

you can get Prince Royce at his website www.Prince Royce.com

Is Prince Royce bi?

Yes, Prince Royce is bisexual.

Did prince Royce die?

Prince Royce is still alive.

Does prince Royce have a wife?

yes, its true prince Royce has a wife named Jessica. NO,PRINCE ROYCE DOSE NOT HAS A WIFE

What is prince Royce dads' name?

Prince Royce is really hot so I think his girlfriend should back off before I get really mad . Prince Royce is mine and only mine . Get that straight ladies back off before I f*ck the sh*t out of you guys .

Does prince Royce have a facebook?

yes prince Royce has a face book

How many girlfriends has prince royce had?

PRINCE ROYCE has 0 girlfriends

Does prince Royce like somebody?

Yes, and her name is Selena Gomez, the famous singer

Does Prince Royce have a daughter?

No, Prince Royce does not have a daughter or any children at this time.

What hospital was prince Royce born?

My boyfriend Prince Royce was born in Jacobi

Does Prince Royce live in the Bronx?

Prince Royce grew up in the Bronx.

What are prince Royce hobbies and interest?

prince royce hobbies is to sing on stageXD

When was Prince Royce born?

The birth name of prince Royce is Geofrey ROYCE Rojas and his birthday is on May 11!

Is prince Royce Mexican?

Prince Royce is not Mexican, he is in fact of Dominican descent. YEAH ROYCE REPRESENT DOMINICANOS

Who is prince Royce?

Prince Royce is an American singer/song writer from the Bronx, NY.

Where did prince Royce grow up?

prince Royce was born and raised in the BRONX,NY

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