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What was Queen Elizabeth the 1st queen of?

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England and Ireland

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Who was on the throne before Queen Elizabeth?

either Queen Elizabeth the 1st or queen Victoria

What was Queen Victora's relationship to Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth 1st is Queen Victorias great great grandaughter

When was queen elizebeth 1st queen?

Queen Elizabeth was Queen from 1558-1603.

How did Queen Elizabeth I make Queen Elizabeth III?

she didnt queen elizibeth 2nd is our current queen queen elizibeth 1st NEVER had sex

How did they name Virginia after Queen Elizabeth 1st?

Elizabeth I of England was known as the VirginQueen.

What age was Elizabeth first put as Queen?

Elizabeth 1st became queen when she was 25.

Who was Virginia named after?

Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The virgin Queen.

Who was Good Queen Bess?

Elizabeth the 1st, Queen of England

How old was Queen Elizbeth when she became queen?

queen Elizabeth the 1st was about 23 years old.Queen Elizabeth the 2nd was about 27 years old.

What was Mary queen of Scots to Elizabeth the 1st?

Mary Queen of Scots was Elizabeth I's cousin.

how old was Queen Elizabeth the 1st when she hit the holy bucket?


What religion was Queen Elizabeth the 1st sister?

Queen Elizabeth I's sister would've been Queen Mary who was Roman Catholic

Is Queen Elizabeth a dowager queen?

Queen Elizabeth II is not. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was.

Did Queen Elizabeth 1st get married?


Was queen elizabeth the 1st an hermaphrodite?

There were speculations Queen Elizabeth the 1st was an hermaphrodite. Those are mere speculations nothing was ever confirmed.

Was the queen of England appointed to the throne?

No. There is no such thing thing as the Queen of England now. Queen Elizabeth the 1st was Queen of England and Mary was Queen of Scotland until Elizabeth had her (Mary, her cousin) beheaded.

How old was Queen Elizabeth the first when she died?

When Queen Elizabeth 1st died she was 70 years old.

Why was elizabeth 1st called good queen bess?

because was seemed to be a good queen and a strong queen.

Was the religion of Queen Elizabeths 1st Catholic or prostant?

Queen Elizabeth was Protestant.

Is Queen Elizabeth the same as Queen Elizabeth I?

Because there have been two Queen Elizabeth's you need to be clear about which one is meant when you just say "Queen Elizabeth". The current Queen Elizabeth is Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth I was queen from 1558 to 1603.

What was Queen Elizabeth first favorite activities?

Queen Elizabeth the 1st' favourite activity was to go to court marques.

When queen elizabeth the 1st died why did not her son ascend the thrown?

Elizabeth I did not have any children (i.e. "The Virgin Queen")

Who became queen after Mary?

Elizabeth the 1st

Who was queen of England 1752?

elizabeth the 1st

What country was Queen Elizabeth the 1st from?


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