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Hii. I'm asking you one question, how did World War 2 come to an end?

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What did the colonists do to let british parliament know they were against new taxes?

they stopped buying british goodsThey stopped buying british goods.

Which act stopped all trade with the colonies?

Navigation Act by the British Parliament

Who stopped the slave trade?

The slave trade was under protest by some British people, then parliament was forced to take the slave trade into consideration, then they decided that it was a terrible thing and that it needed to be stopped. That was how the slave trade was stopped. George Washington stopped it for the USA.

When did the British stop ruling India?

The British stopped ruling India in 1947

When did people stop making half pennys?

Australian people stopped making Halfpennies in in 1965. British people stopped making predecimal halfpennies in 1968. British people stopped making decimal halfpennies in 1984. Irish people stopped making Halfpennies in in 1986. New Zealand people stopped making Halfpennies in in 1966.

What were the adventages to India by being a British colony?

Nothing, except that the british stopped bandits praying off travelers

What job did William wilberforce do?

He was a British polititian and he stopped the slave trade

How do you write a thesis statement on sexual harassment?

Sexual Harassment cruel, unwanted, needs to be stopped.

Why has the primary sector in Britain declined?

I think it has declined because british peoplehave stopped eating and british people are athletes

What did gahndi do to protest?

Gandhi organized a group of people to protest the british rule. He went to India and they stopped British rule

Both front and back lights have stopped working on peugeot speedfight 2 why?

if it is like mine (2005) it has no supplying cables. only medium and maximum lights cables.

Did Paul Revere ever make it to Concord?

no . He was stopped by British soldiers on the way there.

How did the end of the war affect Loyalists?

well it stopped the british from have food and supplies because the british had surrendered and the Americans had won. Also after the war the British lost land.

What happen during the Tea Act?

The Tea Act was when the thirteen colonies stopped paying the British crown high taxes. The abuse of practise was then stopped.

Who stopped the British mail steamer Trent?

Captain Wilkes of the USS San Jacinto

How was federation stopped in Australia?

Federation took place in Australia in 1901, and that was carried out with a great deal of pomp and ceremony. Australia remained a Colony of the British Empire until 1911. Australia became a Dominion of the British Empire in 1911 proclaimed by His Majesty King George V, and remained a Dominion of the British Empire until 1919. Australia did not achieve sovereign independent nationhood status until 1919 following the end of WW1. Federation was not stopped: it actually did happen. This brought about the birth of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia remaining still firmly under British law with limited self governance until 1919.

Can you get a US 500 dollar bill?

Yes, but you'd have to buy it from a dealer or collector. The last $500 bills were printed in the 1940s, and the Federal Reserve System stopped supplying them to banks in 1969.

How did the colonists show their dislike of the Sugar Act?

they boycotted the idea and stopped paying taxes to the british

Who did paul revere go to warn at lexington?

He didn’t warn anyone because he was stopped by the British.

How many pounds is in a British stone?

14lbs = 1 British stone It stopped/ceased to be the United Kingdom's legal unit of measurement of mass/weight in 1985.

Why did the Colonists feel that Parliament did not have the right to tax them?

Because parliament was not financially supporting the colonists with the tax only those left in England so they stopped paying. Also until the war I imagine there was no one around to make them pay.

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