What was Rome's sport?

The ancient Romans did running, weight lifting, boxing and wrestling They threw the discus and played ball games (pila was the name for ball games). These included handball (expulsim ludere), trigon, a type of soccer, and field hockey. The Romans also adopted three Greek ball games. Harpasta (a game played with a small soft ball which involved considerable speed, agility, and physical exertion; its exact rules are not known, but it seems that players often fell on the ground) Episkyros (a sort of volleyball with two teams of 12 to 14 players who threw the ball over the heads of the other team; there was a white line between the teams and one behind each team. Teams would change the ball often until one of the team is forced behind the line at their end) and Phaininda (it had two teams; it was played with one more small balls; the ball was passed to teammates; the methods for winning the ball were brutal, such as punching, fighting and the like).