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Romeo is part of the Montague family.

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Who is killed in the play Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio- by Tybalt, Tybalt- by Romeo, Paris- by Romeo, Juliet- herself, Romeo- himself, Romeos mother- by Romeos banishment she dies of sadness

Who lives at the end of Romeo and Juliet?

everyone apart from romeo, Juliet, and romeos best buddy i think..

Who are the montages in Romeo and Juliet?

the montagues are romeos family

In Romeo and Juliet how does Romeos' love for roseiline differ to his love for Juliet?

romeo was infatuated with rosaline but is truly in love with Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet what is Romeos mothers name?

romeos mothers name is achmed... Seriously, I'm not joking..

Who is romeos best mate and who does he get killed by in romeo and Juliet?

Romeos best friend is Mercutio, who gets killed by Tybalt. and later, romeo kills tybalt.

What news does Romeos servant bring to Romeo in Mantua?

Balthazar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead.

Who is Juliet in the story of Romeo and story?

She is romeos love and daughter of the capulets

Where is repetition used in romeo and Juliet?

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" Two Romeos in a row, you see.

When cells kill themselves?

Romeo and Juliet kill them self's. Romeo kills himself with poison and Juliet kills her self with Romeos Dagger.

What page in romeo and Juliet does it say Juliet and romeos weakness?

Well... It depends on which book you have; now doesn't it?

Who finds Juliet dead in Romeo and Juliet?

the friar, her parents, romeos parents, and all there friends and family

What was romeos request to Friar Lawrence?

Romeo wants the Friar to marry him to Juliet.

What are the two familes in Romeo and Juliet?

The montagues (romeos family) and the Capuletes (juliets family)

Where did Romeo and Juliet use to live?

verona, italy Romeos banned and then lives in Mantuia

What reactions both similar and different do Juliet and Romeo have to Romeos punishment?

Both Juliet and Romeo are upset at Romeo's punishment and both go to the friar for help. Juliet confides in her nurse, while Romeo discusses it with the friar.

What is Romeos reaction to balthasar's new?

Romeo is heart borken to find out his dear Juliet has died

What is the name of Romeos dad?

In the movie " Romeo and Juliet " Romeo's dad's name is ; Ted Montague (:

Who is Romeo wife?

Hi, do you mean who is romeos wife because that would be juliet.-hope it helps

What is romeos punishment in Romeo and Juliet?

He is exiled (banished) from Verona. he must move to the city Mantua

In act 5 of Romeo and Juliet what news of Juliet does Romeos servant bring?

Balthazar says she's dead. I recommend you read the play.

Was lord monteque concerned about Romeos love affair with Juliet?

No, Lord Montague had no idea that Romeo was interested in Juliet until after Romeo's death.

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