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He wanted to help but he had to appease the public.

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What Reflects Roosevelt's feelings toward joining the war?

Dr. Seuss. What is he drawing about the United States' feelings toward joining WWII?

Roosevelt's feelings toward joining the war?

stupid and sad

What were president Roosevelts feelings toward entering World War 2?

Before December 7, 1941, President F. D. Roosevelt supported neutrality.

What happen to national debt during roosevelts presidency?

During his presidency the national debt was held steady until the war began and all money went towards wining the war.

What was Franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before Pearl Harbor?

What was Franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before pearl harbor? In: World War 2

What was roosevelts goal in ww2?

To win the war on both fronts.

What were Theodore Roosevelt's feelings towards battle?

He loved battle so much he helped start the Mexican American War.

Where was Theodore roosevelts famous victory in the spanish American war?


What were some of Franklin Delano Roosevelts goals during World War 2?

He wanted to win the war.

Country at war during Roosevelts administration?

If your talking about Teddy Roosevelt the answer is Russia

What was Franklin D Roosevelts role in world war 2?

He was the US President .

What were Franklin Roosevelts expected outcomes of World War 2?

He expected victory.

What was Presidents Roosevelts relationship with Joseph Stalin?

they were allies in world war 2

What was Franklin Roosevelts position on world war 12 before pearl harbor?


Why did the south joining the civil war?

to lose

Did Roosevelts' new deal lift the US out of the Great Depression?

No, World War II did.

Why was president Roosevelts 1940 lend lease program created?

Provide for the Allied Powers in war.

In the last 5 paragraphs of Roosevelts argument for war which element of the argument does he primarily invoke?


After which war was the era of good feelings?

War of 1812

What was an act as a protest against the Vietnam War?

Acts against the Vietnam War included demonstrating at a mass rally and joining an anti-war march.

What was the name of roosevelts volunteer cavalry group during the Spanish American war?

He led the "Rough Riders"

Was the US joining World War 1 a turning point of the war?

nobody cares

What were the pros and cons of US joining World War 1?

The pros for the United States joining World War 1 include the reputation of a strong country,they had many alliances, and political gain on the world system. The cons of them joining the war include death, great casualties, and the loss of military strength.

What were American attitudes towards World War 1?

American attitudes towards World War 1 at its outbreak were most feelings of indifference. At the time, most Americans had no interest in exerting American interests on other countries and favored isolationism. However, several incidents shifted American opinion until eventually the US declared war on Germany, with full public support.

What was Germany's reaction to the US joining the war?

After the US declared war on Japan, Germany declared war on the US.