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Effectively the revolution ends Russias' involvement as a beligerant in WW1. Therefore Russia, indirectly, becomes communist because of WW1, but Communist Russia was not part of it, surrendering a massive amount of territory as a result of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

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Who were the Russians enemies in World War 1?

Before the Communist revolution of 1917, the Russian army were fighting the Germans and the Austro-Hungarian army in WW1.

Who were the allies of the anzacs in world war 1?

The Russians

What countries were English allies in world war 1?

the russians

What countries became communist during World War I?

Russia was the only country to become communist during World War 1.

What did the Germans have to do with World War 1?

the Germans were involved in world war 1 cause they were Siberia's allies and Russians allies

Why was Russia kept out of the peace process following world war 1?

The Russians had undergone a revolution in 1917, where the Tsar was killed and replaced by a communist government. The Allies didn't recognise the communist government and in fact actively fought against it.

Did the Russians win World War 1?

No, they lost to many "soldiers".

What aniaml symbolize the Russians in world war 1?

The Brown Bear.

What had Hitler done in world war 1?

planned his attack on the russians

Who was the Russian communist leader during World War I?

Vladimir Lenin was the Communist leader during the last few months of World War 1

Following World War I what Russian communist leader ruled?

Vladimir Lenin is the communist leader who ruled Russia immediately after World War 1.

What gun did the Russians use in World War 1?

it was some type of rifle

Who is czar Nicolas?

he was the leader of the Russians in world war 1 :) hope this helped!

What country Ended world war 1 as a communist?

Russia. They became communist during Lenin's reign.

Did the World War 1 cause the Russian Revolution?

Yes, because Russians were having war fatigue

Was Russia a communist country during World War 1?


What were the communist leaders called in World War 1?

Communists or Bolsheviks.

Who was the communist USSR leader during World War 1?


What date in history did the Russians decide to engage itself into World War 1?


Which side of World War 1 did the Russians take?

The Russians were part of the Triple Entente which was the allies. The triple entente was U.K. France and Russia.

What country ended world war 1 as the first communist country?


Who did Hitler blame for the defeat of World War 1?

Jews and communist backstabbers.

Why did the Russians have to pull out of World War I?

The Russians had to pull out for several reasons during World War 1. Primary reason was the civil revolution which was going on in Russia. The secondary reason was lack of funding and the distance required to supply and fight the war was too great. Another reason was that the Tsar was killed by the Bolshiveks.....communist forerunners of the USSR. They didn't have to. They chose to, because the war served no purpose for them and doing so increased political support for the Bolsheviks.

Which countries were communist before world war 1?

None. The revolution in Russia (1917) was the first establishment of a communist state.

What treaty took Russians out of the World War 1?

Soviet Non-Aggresion pact of 1918