What was Sachsenhausen?

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From 1936-45 this was a Nazi concentration camp about 25 miles from the centre of Berlin. From August 1945 till 1950 it was used by the Soviet Union as a prison camp.

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Q: What was Sachsenhausen?
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What is the Hebrew spelling for Sachsenhausen?

Sachsenhausen = זאכסנהאוזן

What is Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main 's population?

The population of Sachsenhausen - Frankfurt am Main - is 55,785.

What is the area of Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main?

The area of Sachsenhausen - Frankfurt am Main - is 39.14 square kilometers.

Were there any concentration camps in Berlin?

The official list of concentration camps issued by the Federal German Ministry of Justice list the following concentration camps in Berlin: " 98 Berlin, SS-Hauptwirtschaftslager II (Berlin-Südende), Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle (Berlin W 62), Reichssicherheitshauptamt, Kreiselgerät GmbH, Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke (SS-WVHA/Amt W IV), Bauleitung Groß-Berlin Sachsenhausen 99 Berlin, Arado-Flugzeugwerke, Sachsenhausen ab 1.10.1944 100 Berlin-Falkensee, siehe Falkensee 101 Berlin-Hakenfelde, Luftfahrtgerätewerk, Sachsenhausen ab 1.7.1943 102 Berlin-Halensee Sachsenhausen 103 Berlin, Kastanienallee, Sachsenhausen 29.9.1941 bis 31.12.1941 104 Berlin, Kommandoamt der SS, Sachsenhausen 2.5.1941 bis 31.12.1941 105 Berlin-Köpenick, AEG-Kabelwerk Oberspree, Sachsenhausen bis 20.4.1945 106 Berlin-Lichtenrade, Sachsenhausen bis 20.4.1945 107 Berlin-Lichterfelde, Sachsenhausen ab 7.1.1941 108 Berlin-Marienfelde, Sachsenhausen ab 23.9.1943 109 Berlin-Neukölln, Registrierkassen-Gesellschaft Krupp Sachsenhausen 110 Berlin-Niederschöneweide, Firma Pertrix (Varta), Sachsenhausen bis 21.4.1945 111 Berlin-Reinickendorf, Argus-Werke Sachsenhausen 112 Berlin-Siemensstadt, Siemens-Schuckertwerke, Sachsenhausen 17.7.1944 bis 10.4.1945 113 Berlin-Spandau (Frauen), Deutsche Industriewerke, Sachsenhausen bis 23.4.1945 114 Berlin-Tegel, Borsig-Werke Sachsenhausen 115 Berlin-Tempelhof, "Columbia", 8.1.1935 bis 5.11.1936 116 Berlin-Weißensee, siehe Jugendschutzlager 117 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Sachsenhausen 2.1.1943 bis 3.7.1943 118 Berlin-Zehlendorf, Spinnstoff-Fabrik Zehlendorf" Source:

Where was the concentration camp named Sachsenhausen located?

Oranienburg, Germany.

What has the author Jean Bezaut written?

Jean Bezaut has written: 'Oranienbourg, 1933-1935, Sachsenhausen, 1936-1945' -- subject(s): Oranienburg (Concentration camp), Sachsenhausen (Concentration camp)

What kind of people were sent to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen?

Jewish people

What concentration camp was Pastor Niemoeller located in?

At first he was held in Sachsenhausen, then transferred to Dachau.

How far is camp Auschwitz from camp sachsenhausen?

The distance between these 2 camps is 369 miles.

When did Karl Gutzkow die?

Karl Gutzkow died in 1878, in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany.

What has the author Helmut Mann written?

Helmut Mann has written: 'Der Deutsche Orden und seine Kirche in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen' -- subject(s): History, Teutonic Knights, Teutonic Knights. Commandery of Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, Teutonic Knights. Deutsche Provinz. Priorat

What has the author Gerhart Schirmer written?

Gerhart Schirmer has written: 'Sachsenhausen--Workuta' -- subject(s): Biography, German Personal narratives, Prisoners and prisons, Prisoners of war, Sachsenhausen (Concentration camp), Vorkuta (Komi, Russia : Concentration camp), World War, 1939-1945

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