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since st Patrick was considered a christian missionary and new the christian doctrine he would have looked down on people abusing alcohol especially on the day he died. what kind of tribute would that be for someone who was said to have baptised people in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. he of course would not consider alcohol the substance itself as bad but the way in which it was and has been consumed by people on st patricks day would have done him a great dishonor. since he was a believer in the word of god he would have known that it said to be drunk is to be a fool.

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There is nothing in the surviving writings of Saint Patrick about the use of alcohol. However, I am sure he takes a dim view of those who abuse the substance. Passing out dead drunk in a pool of your own vomit in the gutter is no way to honor this great saint on March 17.

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Q: What was St Patrick's view on alcohol?
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