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What was Take That's first number one hit?

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Hi The answer to this question is 'Pray'. I am one of the 'origianl' Take That fans from when they shot to fame the first time. They were brill then but they are amazing now. Vicky

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What was Bon Jovi's seccond hit song?

The band's second song to reach number one (if thats what you mean by 'hit') was Livin' On A Prayer. The band's first number 1 was You Give Love A Bad Name.

Beatles first hit?

The Beatles first hit was love me do which hit number 7 in the EMI charts but their first number 1 hit was Please Pease Me.

What was Nickelback first number one hit?

"How You Remind Me" is the first number one hit of Nickelback.

What was Boyzones first number one hit?

What Was Boyzone's First Hit?

What was The Beatles first hit and when?

Love Me Do was the Beatles first hit. It hit number 17 in 1962 in the UK, number 1 in America in 1964.

What performers had Motown's first number one hit?

The Marvelettes had the first number one hit for Motown with "Please Mister Postman".

Has Billy Joel had a number one hit?

Yes. In fact, he has had multiple number one hits. His first number one hit single was "Just The Way You Are", and his first number one hit album was "52nd Street"

In 1962 which Beatles hit was the first one to be number one?

their first single was love me do and their first number one hit was please please me on the UK charts.

First Elvis hit?

Elvis's first hit was Heartbreak Hotel. It was released in January 1956. This single became his first number one hit.

What was the rolling stones 1st number 1 hit?

Their first UK number 1 hit was "It's All Over Now" (1964) and their first US number 1 hit was "Paint It Black" (1965)

What British artist had the first number one hit in 1970?

The first number one hit of 1970 was "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head" by BJ Thomas. The first British act to have a number one hit in 1970 was the Beatles with "Let it Be" in April

What was usher number one hit in 1994?

His first number one hit was Nice & Slow in 1998

What was pink's first number one?

P!nk's first album, Can't Take Me Home, had three singles. There You Go, Most Girls, and You Make Me Sick. Her first number one hit, however, was Most Girls.

ABBA's first hit?

ABBA's first hit was "Waterloo" UK number 1 in April 1974.

Which ex Beatle was first to have a hit?

George Harrison had the first number one hit with "My Sweet Lord".

What was Brian Wilson's first number one hit?

He had no hits by himself. With the Beach Boys, his first Number One hit was "I Get Around" in June 1964.

What was ABBA's first number 1hit?

Their first number 1 hit was "Waterloo", but then it was "Dancing Queen".

What was John Denver's first hit song?

Take Me Home Country Roads went to number 2 on the Billboard chart in 1970.

What was Queens first number one hit the band?

Queen's first Number 1 hit was "Bohemian Rhapsody" which hit number 1 in the UK in November, 1975. They had a near miss in October 1974 with "Killer Queen" which made it to number 2 in the UK.

What is the name of n-dubz first hit?

I Swear but Papa Can You Hear Me was their first main commercial hit. Number 1 featuring Tinchy Stryder was their first number 1.

What was Skyhooks first number one hit?

"Horror Movie" was the first number one single of Skyhooks.

What was the beatles first number hit?

Their first number one in the UK was "Please Please Me", and the first US number one was "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

What was Americas 1st number one hit?

America's first Number One hit was "A Horse With No Name" in November 1971.

What was the beatles first number 1 hit?

Love me do

What was the beach boys first 1 hit?

Their first number one hit was "Surfin' USA", which became number one, and it was their first ever song that went into the top 10, 5, and so on