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In England, their native homeland, it was the album Please Please Me.

In the USA it was "Meet The Beatles" which was pieced together from album tracks from Please Please Me, With The Beatles, and some of their singles.

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Q: What was The Beatles 1st album?
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What album is the song Misery on by the Beatles?

The song Misery is on the album Please Please Me, the 1st Beatles album. By the best band EVA! ~PEB It's true, they are the best band EVA!!!!!!!!

What is the fourth album of The Beatles?

Beatles For Sale is the Beatles' fourth album

Name of the Girl on the 1st Beatles Album?

The first Beatles album released in the United Kingdom was titled "Please Please Me." It includes the song "Anna (Go to Him)."

What is The Beatles double album?

The Beatles White Album is a double album

The Beatles album The Beatles is also known as what?

The White Album

Was Beatles for sale a Beatles album?

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK.In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI.

What was the second beatles album titled?

The second official Beatles album that was released is called "With the Beatles"

Which beatles album the most copies?

White Album titled "The Beatles"

Album that The Beatles sold most of?

The White Album, or The Beatles Album

Which Beatles album is a double album?

The Beatles (1968), which is more commonly referred to as "The White Album"

When was the beatles second album out?

In the UK. their second album "With The Beatles" was released in 1963. In the US. their second album "Meet The Beatles" was released in 1964.

Where can one find the Beatles revolver?

Our friend is a huge Beatles fan and has almost every Beatles album. He just found the Beatles album Revolver on iTunes and downloaded the full album.

What was the beatles first number 1 album?

The Beatles has had 18 number one albums in the UK or US. Their first UK number one album was actually their debut album Please Please Me. The first number one album the Beatles had in the US was their 1964 album Meet The Beatles!.

What was the third Beatles album called?

The Beatles third album was "A Hard Day's Night" released in 1964. This was the first album to have all tracks written by the Beatles.

What album is beatles no reply on?

Beatles for Sale

Was eight days a week a name of a Beatles album?

No, it was the name of a Beatles song, but not an album.

What beatles album was blackbird from?

The song Blackbird is the eleventh track on the Beatles' White Album.

What is the proper name of the Beatles album most commonly called the White Album?

"The Beatles"

What tracks are on The Beatles' revolution album?

"Revolution" was a song by the Beatles not a album, it was released as a single then it was also put on the Beatles album "The White Album" though Lennon had different versions of the song on the same album too.

Which Beatles album has the song Let it Be?

"Let It Be" is the title track from the Let It Be album. Let It Be was the last album to be released by the Beatles.

The song ' Hold Me Tight' is on which album?

The album it's on is Meet The Beatles(or With The Beatles).

What beatles album came with 8x10 photos?

The "White Album" (formally titled The BEATLES), from 1968.

How much is beatles white album?

The Beatles White Album costs just about $18.99 on Amazon.

What was the least selling album by The Beatles?

"Beatles For Sale"

On what beatles album is please mr postman on?

With The Beatles