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What was The Great War?


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The Great War. The Great War. The Great War. The Great War.

No, that would be an Oxymoron. Great War except defined in terms of area, scope, or moral standing can be great. (What a great time I had in the War). (Wasn't that a great little War?) (Did you have fun in the War? It was Great.) War is not great when it is up close and personal.

Another name for the Great War is World War I.

The cold war did not spark the great war

the great war the great war

World War I was originally called "The Great War" (not the Civil War)

The Great WarThe Great War

The Great War (WWI) was the first of its kind, one that involved many nations.

The Great War was not named "great" because it was good, rather because the Great War was was the first of its kind, one that involved many nations.

The first modern war. World War 1 was the Great War.

the great war lasted as long as world war one

It was called The Great War as in large, not as good. It was the largest conflict that had ever happened and was "The Great Big War."

The War Hawks wanted war with Great Britain.

Great Turkish War happened in 1683.

Archduke Franz was connected to the great war in that his assassination led to the war.

The Great War and the War to end all Wars.The War to End All Wars. Also, The Great War

the great warthe war to end all warsww1 is refered to as "the great war" and " the war to end all wars"

The First World War ( 1914 to 1918 ) was also called "The Great War " at the time.

The Great Depression did not start a war. It ended when World War II started, but it started no war.

it was war against the great countres of the world

A Soldier of the Great War has 804 pages.

The ISBN of A Soldier of the Great War is 978-0151836000.

The duration of The Great Yokai War is 2.07 hours.

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