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Q: What was The US Foreign policy after World War 2?
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US foreign policy before World War 1?

There wasn't any foreign policy before World War I.

What was US foreign policy during World War 1?

The u.s policy during the first world war was policy of isolation

What policy did the US return to after World War 1 and before World war two?

The foreign weapons policy.

How was us foreign policy after World War II?

it was fine

Which explains the aim of US foreign policy from 1900 until the outbreak of World War 1?

The United States foreign-policy, from 1902 the outbreak of World War I, was a policy of isolation. This. The United States foreign-policy did not want to intervene into any foreign disputes.

What was the US foreign policy during World World War 1 prior to 1917?

The US foreign policy under President Woodrow Wilson was neutrality.

What was the US foreign policy at the start of World War 2?


What foreign policy did the US have when world war 1 began?


What foreign policy did the US adopt at the outbreak of world war 1?


Did world war 2 transform the role of the us in world affairs and foreign policy?


How did US participation in World War 1 impact US foreign policy in the decade immediately after the war?

tu yoyo

How did the US Foreign policy change after world war 1?

It did not change until WWII.

When and why did the US stop pursuing a largely isolationist foreign policy?

The US stopped pursuing an isolationist foreign policy after it was dragged into World War 2 and found itself a major power.

How would you characterize US foreign policy prior to World War 2 and how was is after World War 2?

Before: Isolationist After: Interventionist

What foreign policy did the US adopt after World War 1?

The US adopted a policy of isolationism after World War 1 and well into the 1930's. This meant not getting involved in the affairs of other countries.

How did the Spanish American War change US Foreign Policy?

It was now treated as a World Power.

What was the US foreign policy before it entered World War 2?

i belive it was called isolationism.

What was the US foreign policy before World War 1 and what does it mean?

to intervene with the weaker foreigns

Which two principles have directed the foreign policy of the US since World War 2?

detente and containment

Which US foreign policy was used to maintain the independence of Greece and Turkey after World War 2?


What type of foreign policy did the US pursue after its victory in world war 1?

The nation returned to isolationism.

What was the primary focus of the us foreign policy in the decade after world war 1?

To reduce U.S commitments to other nations

Was the post-World War 1 foreign policy of the United states focused on expansionism?

No. After World War I, US foreign policy was focused on isolationism. The US public was deeply disinterested in international politics or involvement. It would be only after World War II that the United States took a more expansionist tone.

What was US Foreign Policy from 1914 to 1917?

US Foreign Policy prior to US entry in World War I in 1917 was a policy of ISOLATIONISM and NEUTRALITY, with an official avoidance of heightened commerce with all parties involved in the war. However, Wilson intended to bring the US into the war on the side of the allies and covertly supported the British war effort. He did not make this official policy because entering the war would be incredibly unpopular.

What event shaped US foreign policy between World War 2 and the 21st century?

The Cold War.