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life in the middle ages was disgusting, every you went alot of aga (poo) and don't make me mention the hygiene.

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What was the life of nobles like in the middle ages?

The life was nice for a noble in the Middle Ages they often owned property and sold it to vassels who sold it to other people the nobles did have to fight in war but other than that they had a jolly life ( as someone in the Middle Ages would say).

What was life like in the 6th century AD?

it was the beginning of the middle ages

What was girlhood like in the Middle Ages?

girlhood in the middle ages was AWFUL

What was Muslim's family life like in the middle ages?

They were the most advanced people on Earth and mainly lived in the middle east.

What was life like as a seamstress in the middle ages?

A female seamstress in the middle ages lived a tough life. With worsening hygienic conditions ( and therefore plenty of sickness) and working hard without much of a reward (payment), the middle ages was a difficult time period to have lived in. A seamstress would meand clothing for the people of her town, and being a peasant, would come home to cook, clean, and raise the kids. Their diet was based on breads, vegetables, and dairy.

What was life like in the middle ages for villeins?

they raped all the people cause it felt nice

What was peasant life like for women back in the middle ages?

It was extremely hard and epressing, that is for peasant women, royalty had the life!

What was a knight's life like in the middle ages?

life for a knight sucked. they were poor and forced to work, as soldiers protecting their country.

How did the focus and style of Renaissance art differ from that of the Middle Ages?

Art was more life like and realistic in renaissance art, the middle ages art was mostly looked flat and without depth.

What was European life like during the Middle Ages?

All the prop serf protected Europe life and helped Hebert live

What did woman wear in the Middle Ages?

in the middle ages woman were like a type of cloth and foot wear they were like pointy shoes not like the men were

What were relationships like in the Middle Ages?

The relationships in the middle ages were hard. They had to work on the farms and cook for themselves.

Why is Middle Ages called like that?

The middle ages is called the middle ages because its in the middle of two different time periods, or periods of time, in which things were a certain way for a that period of time.

What was life like for a nun in the middle ages?

It was probably pretty hard... working every day... strict too.

What was life like for women back in the middle ages?

They had fewer rights, but they still played important roles in society

What was teenage life like in the middle ages?

There wasn't a "teenager" in the middle ages. People were babies and then they were grown. By the time a child was 8 they were expected to be working, helping with the crops, or an apprentice. The idea of a "teen" doesn't happen until the 1940's. Most people lived a very short and hard life in the middle ages and were dead by their mid 20's.

What was the daily life like for people in the middle ages?

The middle ages was a very rough time. Most everyone forgot how to read and write, except for the Munks who had to read for the Kings and write for them. I hope this helped y'all out.

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