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Rudolph Virchow suggested that all cells come from pre-existing cells. His aphorism'omnis cellula e cellula' meaning every cell from a pre-existing cell became the foundations of division, even if the process was not fully understood then.

He also stated that not all plants are made up of cells,which eventually lead to the creation of the cell theory.
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Q: What was Virchow's contribution to cell theory?
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What was schwan's contribution to the cell theory?

Schwann's contribution to the cell theory was concluding that all living organisms have cells.

Mattias schleiden contribution in cell theory?

Co-creator of the cell theory.

What is virchows principle?

every cell comes from a cell

What is Zacharias Janssen's contribution to cell theory?

He invented optical telescope which revolutionized cell theory.

What contribution did Thomas Schleidenhad with cell theory?

he found the cell

What scientists did not make a major contribution to cell theory?


What contribution did Anton van Leeuwenhoek make to Cell Theory?

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek contribution to the cell theory is that he was the one who discovered free living and microscopic protists and bacteria.

What scientist did not make a contribution to cell theory?


What was schwann's contribution to the cell theory?

he discovered that all animals have cells

When did Robert Hooke make his contribution cell theory?

Hooke published his book on cell theory, Micrographia, in 1665.

What scientist did not make a major contribution to cell theory?


What was Robert brown contribution to cell theory?

he discovered the nucleus!!

What was Zacharias Jansen contribution of the cell theory?

onggoy siya

Contributions of schleiden and schwann?

Major contribution is cell theory .

When did Rudolf Virchow make his contribution to cell theory?


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What was Rudolf virchow's contribution to the cell theory?

He Discovered that Cells Reproduce by Cells.

What did Robert hooke influence?

his most important contribution is the cell theory...

What is the contribution of eduard strasburger in cell theory?

cotribution of eduard strasburger

Johannes purkinje contribution in cell theory?

pre nice one

Hooke contribution to cell theory?

built some of the earliest Gregorian telescope

Hans and Zacharias Janssen contribution to the cell theory?

They created the compound microscope

What was schlieden's contribution to cell theory?

He discovered the plant cell and give the conclusion that all plants are made of cells

Contribution of Robert brown in science?

Robert Brown's contribution is mainly developing cell theory. (You can find another set of answers- type in "contribution of Robert brown in the development of cell theory.) All i can remember is this:. (sorry if not much) -He named 'nucleus" and suggests its importance in fertilization